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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Salta UFOs Return, New 'Rapture' Date and Nazis Dog Training Revelation

UFOs Return to Salta, Argentina

Source: Contexto - Arg
Date: 22 May 2011

Argentina: UFOs Return to Salta

Rodolfo Arias is a resident of the city of Salta. He lives at 2300 Pasaje Yapeyú, near the Arts and Crafts Market, and on Sunday afternoon, he became the protagonist in a unique UFO sighting.

"I was taking a series of photos of the clouds, as many of them changed color. The effect was very striking and I suddenly noticed a particular glow in the photos. I then noticed a particular sheen in the sky, and started zooming the camera lens as the object was still. It was a UFO. I have no doubt about it," said the 38-year-old resident.

Arias took 16 stills, but the object in question can be seen only in the last three images. "I have a Sony camera, not a professional model, but the course followed by this UFO allowed us to take better pictures," said Rodolfo, who was surrounded by seven family members at the time the photos were taken.

The object photographed flew over the area in a straight line for a minute before turning westward. "It headed toward San Lorenzo, but very quickly, so we lost sight of it," he explained. - Scott Corrales: Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology


Revealed: Nazis tried to train dogs to talk, read and spell to win WWII

The Germans viewed canines as being almost as intelligent as humans and attempted to build an army of fearsome 'speaking' dogs, extraordinary new research shows.

Hitler hoped the clever creatures would learn to communicate with their SS masters - and he even had a special dog school set up to teach them to talk.

The incredible findings show Nazi officials recruited so-called educated dogs from all over Germany and trained them to speak and tap out signals using their paws.

One mutt was said to have uttered the words 'Mein Fuhrer' when asked who Adolf Hitler was.

Another 'spoke' by tapping letters of the alphabet with his paws and was said to have speculated about religion and learnt poetry.

The Germans hoped to use the animals for the war effort, such as getting them to work alongside the SS and guard concentration camps to free up officers.

The bizarre 'Wooffan SS' experiment has come to light after years of painstaking research by academic Dr Jan Bondeson into unique and amazing dogs in history.

Dr Bonderson, from Cardiff University, visited Berlin to scour obscure periodicals to build up a bizarre - but true - account of Nazi ideas.

Hitler was a well-known dog lover and had two German Shepherds, called Blondi and Bella. He famously killed Blondi moments before committing suicide in his bunker in 1945.

The evil dictator was said to have been keen to use dogs for the war effort and supported the dog school which was called the Tier-Sprechschule ASRA.

The school, based in Leutenburg near Hannover and led by headmistress Margarethe Schmitt, was set up in the 1930s and continued throughout the war years.

It was reported to have had some success, with dogs tapping out words with their paws.

Some of them were able to imitate the human voice and one, when asked who Adolf Hitler was, is said to have replied 'Mein Fuhrer'.

The forerunner of them all was Rolf, an Airedale terrier who 'spoke' through tapping his paw against a board, each letter of the alphabet being represented by a certain number of taps.

He was said to have speculated about religion, learnt foreign languages, wrote poetry and asked a visiting noblewoman 'could you wag your tail?'

The patriotic German dog even expressed a wish to join the army, because he disliked the French.

Another dog, a Dachschund named Kurwenal, even received a visit from a troop of 28 uniformed youths from the Nazi animalprotection organisation on his birthday.

He was said to speak using a different number of barks for each letter, and told his biographer he would be voting for Hindenburg.

Another dog, a German pointer named Don, went one step further - imitating a human voice to bark "Hungry! Give me cakes", in German.

The incredible story of Germany's educated dogs has now been revealed in full by Dr Bondeson, a senior lecturer at Cardiff University in his book "Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities."

He said: "It is absolutely extraordinary stuff.

"In the 1920s, Germany had numerous 'new animal psychologists' who believed dogs were nearly as intelligent as humans, and capable of abstract thinking and communication.

"When the Nazi party took over, one might have thought they would be building concentration camps to lock these fanatics up, but instead they were actually very interested in their ideas.

"Part of the Nazi philosophy was that there was a strong bond between humans and nature - they believed a good Nazi should be an animal friend.

"Indeed, when they started interning Jews, the newspapers were flooded with outraged letters from Germans wondering what had happened to the pets they left behind.

"Hitler himself was praised for his attitude to animals and Goering was a forerunner of animal protection. They seemed to think nothing of human rights, but lots about animal rights.

"There were some very strange experiments going on in wartime Germany, with regard to dog-human communication.

"Nazi animal psychologists worked with the educated dogs, and there was even a school to teach animals to communicate, with dogs supplied by the office of the Reichsführer-SS.

"My guess would be that they were intended to work with the SS or be used as guard dogs in concentration camps.

"Hitler was himself interested in the prospect of using educated dogs in the war effort, and he advised representatives of the German army to study their usefulness in the field.

"Still, it appears to have been very early days - there is no evidence it ever actually came to fruition and that the SS were walking around with talking dogs.

"It is really remarkable and fascinating insight into a hitherto unknown facet of Nazi Germany."

Dr Bondeson's book, Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities, also includes chapters on acting dogs, travelling dogs, turnspit dogs, holy dogs and exceptionally faithful dogs.

It has been published by Amberley Publishing in Britain and the Cornell University Press in the US and costs 20 pounds. - telegraph


Reboot: Harold Camping Calls May 21 An 'Invisible Judgment Day,' Says October 21 Is Real End-Of-World Date

To casual viewers, Harold Camping is a two-time loser when it comes to rapture predictions.

However, the 89-year-old evangelist who claimed that the world was going to end this past Saturday, only to have his predicted rapture turn out to be a lot less apocalyptic than advertised (save for for one volcano burst in Iceland that was hardly rapture-like).

Now Camping has gone from preaching the word of God and is now using semantics, according to the Washington Post.

In a special broadcast Monday night on his radio program "Open Forum" that the rapture he predicted was “an invisible judgment day“ that he has come to understand as a spiritual, rather than physical event.

“We had all of our dates correct,” Camping insisted, clarifying that he now understands that Christ’s May 21 arrival was “a spiritual coming” ushering in the last five months before the final judgment and destruction.

During the 90-minute broadcast, Camping walked listeners through his numerological timeline, insisting that his teaching has not changed and that the world will still end on October 21, 2011.

“It wont be spiritual on October 21st,” Camping said, adding, “the world is going to be destroyed all together, but it will be very quick." -


Man Charged With Murder, Can't Stop Stabbing His Lawyers

We're not sure if stabbing lawyers should be considered a crime -- or merely a thoughtful act of community service. But it seems the barristers of Everett, Washington are getting a little tired of being attacked by 27-year-old accused killer Joshua Monson...

He's charged with the January shooting death of Brian Jones. Now he's having a little difficulty maintaining his courtroom decorum.

Tom Cox was his first lawyer. But Monson apparently wasn't happy with his professional skills. So he snuck a pencil out of jail and stabbed Cox in the neck while they were in court.

Cox wasn't seriously hurt, but he decided to resign from the case, making it the first incident in legal history where a lawyer has turned down billable hours.

So Monson was assigned a second lawyer, Gurjit Pandher. But once again, he decided to stab him with a pencil too. Pandher wasn't hurt -- it seems Monson is way better at shooting than he is at stabbing. But Pandher also resigned from the case.

Now, to make sure someone will defend Monson in court, a judge has decided to have his arms strapped to a chair whenever he appears. He'll also undergo a medical examination to see if he's crazy -- or if he's just a Good Samaritan trying to rid the world of a plague. - truecrimereport