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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Mystery Sea Creature, UFO Kills Trees and BTE 2011 Summer Movie Blockbuster Show

Mystery Sea Creature Has Experts Baffled

The “monster” was snapped off Seacombe Ferry at 9am yesterday by photographer Mark Harrison.

Paul Renolds, from the Blue Planet Aquarium, who studied the photos, said: “It is virtually impossible to actually identify, but this is the time of year when large numbers of basking sharks, the second largest shark species in the world after whale sharks, head towards waters off the Isle of Man.”
Sea creature captured in the Mersey by Mark Harrison

He added: “If it is not a basking shark, it could be a smaller species of whale or a dolphin because there are around 23 different species in UK waters.” - liverpoolecho


UFO Killed Four Trees

MUFON CMS - 1-13-2011 - Virginia - unedited: I'd had extensive dental work done the day before (a number of x-rays, root canal, etc.) and one of my teeth was aching. It was about 2:00 a.m. and I was having trouble sleeping and rather than bother my wife I left the master bedroom and lay down on the futon in my study. I finally fell asleep only to be awakened by a strange buzzing/humming noise. At first I thought it was coming from outside, an airplane maybe.

But after a few seconds I realized it was in my head. It sounded like a microwave oven, but without the heat. I couldn't move even though I was fully awake. My entire skull was vibrating. It wasn't unpleasant, just weird. After a minute of this I began to get scared. I thought I might be having a medical event of some sort. With great effort I was able to move one arm and reached my wristwatch on the end table (it's a Citizen Eco-drive with luminescent hands). It was exactly 3:08 in the morning.

As I stared at the watch the humming slowly subsided. Once it ended I could move freely again. I sat up and looked around. The house was completely still. Only the light of the single street light across the street broke the darkness.

I got up and walked from room to room, but nothing was out of the ordinary. My wife was sleeping soundly. There was no sign of the cats. Then I thought I heard something from the roof. I went to a window overlooking the back yard and looked up at the sky. It was an overcast night, but I was certain I saw the curve of something rather large over the house. It was very dark, but it caught the light from the street just enough for me to think it was metallic of sort. It couldn't have been more than thirty feet above the roof (our house is a rancher). I hurried to the back deck but by the time I opened the slider and looked up again, the object was gone.

I didn't know what to do. I went back inside and went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. There were droplets of blood coming from my right nostril. But, other than that, I didn't appear to be any worse for wear. I returned to the study, turned on the TV for a while and stared at the screen for quite a long time, not taking much of anything in.

To cut to the chase, about two weeks later I went out to get the Sunday paper and noticed that some of the pine trees nearest my house appeared to be dead. The needles were all reddish brown. I called an arborist I'd done business with in the past and he took a look at them. He agreed that they were dead and should come down (these trees are 60+ feet tall). After he dropped the first tree he came to and asked me how long they'd been dead. I said I thought couple of weeks. He said this wasn't possible because these trees were totally devoid or sap and moisture. In his experience it takes months, maybe a year for a pine to dry out this completely. I stood by my story. They were all still green around Christmas time. He said I must be mistaken. So, I asked him, what do you think killed the trees? He said it was either last summer's drought or insects. I pointed at all of the neighbors' trees. They are all healthy and thriving. Not a single one for two blocks around is dead. He shook his head and said it was strange, but he didn't know what else to say.

Of course I didn't tell him that I thought might have UFO killed them. That's the last thing I need in my neighborhood.

As a PS I'd like to add that strange things have been happening to us ever since I saw a UFO a few years ago. I won't go into them here. I feel like I'm living in my very own sci-fi movie. And I don't much like it. Even my wife has mentioned odd dreams and thoughts.


Feet found on two islands identified as Surrey man's

Two feet found on Valdes Island and Westham Island in 2008 belonged to a 21-year-old Surrey man who'd been reported missing four years earlier, the B.C. Coroners Service announced Tuesday.

Westham is at the mouth of the Fraser River while Valdes is 18 nautical miles away, across Georgia Strait.

The feet, in matching Nike size 11 running shoes, were found on Feb. 8 and June 16. They were among seven that washed ashore on the Gulf Islands and the south coast between August 2007 and October 2009, attracting media attention the world over.

Work on the missing feet has helped the coroners service "tremendously" advance its investigative techniques in determining identity, coroner Stephen Fonseca said in an interview from Burnaby.

Four of the feet have been traced to three Lower Mainland males, and their families have been notified. Three feet remain unidentified; two belong to the same female and one to a male.

Fonseca wants people to know the missing feet "are absolutely not suspicious.

The community doesn't have to feel threatened."

When the feet first appeared, some speculated that the cause could be serial killers, gangland initiation rites or other criminal activity.

However, preliminary analysis indicated that the feet all separated from the bodies naturally while in the water and not through violence.

The appearance of so many feet in a relatively short time could have a lot to do with media coverage prompting people to notice shoes on the beach they might otherwise have overlooked, Fonseca said.

The news stories "brought so much more attention to running shoes," he said. "People went looking."

Many people do go missing in the ocean and Fraser River, he said, "and so it's not unreasonable in the future that might be related to these cases."

Running shoes are buoyant unlike hiking and work boots, making the former more likely to be found, Fonseca said.

It's unclear if the remaining feet will be identified, "but we will never give up," Fonseca said.

"It's not just the feet for us. There are a number of other human remains cases that we are paying equal attention to. They also have loved ones sitting at home, waiting for us to call.

"Our process has been to accept a missing persons case and query it against all our human remains. We don't want to target just the feet."

Investigators use various techniques in determining identity. When a missing person file is handed to the coroners service, "we want to know everything about that missing person. The police run queries on their side ... and I've analysts here in my unit that see it from the opposite side.

"We don't have the luxury of knowing they have blond hair and blue eyes.

We just have bones," Fonseca said.

Everyone who has been reported missing to the coroners service by the police now has a geographic-information profile. "We have lots of missing people but if we know they went missing in a lake ... and there's no way that lake is feeding into the Fraser River, we can exclude the feet from being related to this person.

"We know our model works well and our analysts are becoming very experienced with these complex cases. What we've learned, we've passed on to other provinces."

It's important to remember that behind all the scientific models and analysis, there are grieving families waiting to hear about their loved ones, Fonseca said.

"We're responsible for making identifications in this province and we take that seriously, but that's not really what it's about," he said. "Every day there's a family out there that might not know what happened, has no idea where their daughter or son has disappeared to. The goal is reducing that societal and familial suffering."

Fonseca has spoken to families of those people he has identified over 35 years.

"You only truly understand the impact you're making when you sit down with them and they bring out these huge binders of all the investigation they've done. You get to see how desperate they are for closure.

"They need to know what happened and they live it every single day." - timescolonist


2011 Summer Movie Blockbuster Show!

This week we kick off summer 2011 with our very own Scott "Hackenslash" Walton of BTE Movie News and Reviews as he joins Eric and Lon to discuss and preview the upcoming 2011 Summer movies. Whether it's Green Lantern, Pirates of the Carribean, Captain America, Transformers, Harry Potter, Scott "Hackenslash" Walton will join us for an hour to review the upcoming movie blockbusters of the summer. This is going to be a fun show with movie talk. So grab the popcorn and a soda, find a comfy chair in the theater and sit back and enjoy a night at the movies!

Join Eric Altman, Lon Strickler and the crew LIVE each Sunday at 10 PM ET as we go
Beyond the Edge!


Strange 'Messages' on Leaves

In Serra city, leafs of trees - by ten years, have presented a strange phenomenon. Inscriptions, religious figures and others appear on the surface of the leafs. The images are like embroideries produced by combination of numerous tiny perfurations. The local population belives that the inscriptions are messages of Our Lady. The house where the tree stays became a pilgrimage place.

The first inscription, appeared sixteen years ago and was found by house owner, Mrs. Maria Aparecida D'Ávila. Since then, the inscriptions don't stop to appear in leafs of all trees of the propriety. A specialist in insect explain that the marks probably were not made by ants.

The expert on insects, Marcelo Teixeira explain: The called "leafcutter ants", like the known "saúvas ants" (Atta), they cut peaces of leafs, like if using scissors. This is not the case. However, many people say they saw ants embroidering the leafs (guided by God). The former residents have moved but an association takes care of the house, which receives thousands of visitors.

During a retirement, drawings, similars to that appear on the leafs but much bigger, appeared on the wall. The Church says that there is no divine or supernatural phenomenon in the leaves, but does not condemn people that want pray at the site