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Friday, April 03, 2020

Tall Alien Confronts Witness Walking to Work

An experiencer retells his encounter with a tall alien entity while walking to work

"Hi Lon: I was on my way to work when I heard some rustling in the bushes across the road from me. I looked and couldn't see anything so I ignored it and carried on walking. As I got to the end of the road I was about to turn and walk down the hill to the bottom of the next road when I looked around and saw a man on a push bike coming down the hill on the opposite side of the road. As he got further along the road the lamp posts started to go off one by one as he passed them and he seemed shocked by something that he had seen in the darkness and with that he fell off his push bike and loudly shouted out some obscene language. He then got up off the ground and brushed himself off before he picked up his push bike and got back on it. He then pedalled off at speed down the road. I looked around and saw a shadow dart from a tree into the bushes. I thought to myself, 'did I just see that or did I imagine that?' I was running late so I carried on walking to work.

The next day I was on my way to work passing by the same area of bushes when just like the previous day I heard something rustling around in there. Once again I ignored it and walked by. I got to the end of the road like I did the day before and I looked around at the area where the man had fallen off his bike and I chuckled to myself because I had found it mildly amusing at the time. Then to my surprise the lamp posts started to go off one by one just leaving one lamp post lit just like the day before.

Then all of a sudden there was an eerie silence that fell upon the area and I could see something moving around in the shadows. I was spooked so I quickly ran a bit further down the road to a safe vantage point where I continued watching to see who or what would emerge from the darkness. Then I saw what it was and it shocked me to the core. There was an alien creature that was humanoid and tall. It had long spindly arms that hung down passed it's knees. Its hands only appeared to have three fingers with no opposing thumbs. Then I looked up at it's head which was large and oval with big black almond shaped eyes and two small holes where the nose should be with a mouth that had human-like teeth.The alien was looking right at me and it appeared to be slowly moving in my direction. I got the feeling that the alien wanted to walk over to me and communicate but I was too freaked out and scared by its appearance so I immediately stepped backwards in shock which caused the alien to react and stop. I could see that the alien had a look of disappointment on its face before it slowly turned around and headed back across the road strangely swinging it's spindly long arms from side to side as it moved. It's movement was very bizarre. There was a closed metal gate in the direction it was heading and to my shock the alien passed right through it like it wasn't there. I was in shock and I immediately took off running.

I ran all the way to work and when I arrived one of my work colleague said that she had passed me in the car and had seen me frantically running along the road. She laughed and said, 'were you worried about being late again John?' I replied to her and said, 'yes I was running a bit late.' I could not tell her or anyone for that matter what had really taken place because they would of thought I was completely mad. The whole workforce would of mocked me for years to come. I only wish I could tell my work colleague the truth but I doubt that she would believe me. If only we lived in a free society where you weren't condemned and laughed at in contemptuous manner for telling the truth. It still upsets me that even my best friend doesn't even believe me and thinks this is some kind of joke. I can assure everybody that this is not a joke and I was totally truthful about my strange encounters with UFOs and strange alien beings throughout my life and it doesn't get any easier each time I see them. This incident took place back in 2010 but it still freaks me out to this day. All the best John."



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