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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Connecticut State Trooper / Eyewitness Abducted While Investigating Crash Site

June 21, 1987 - Chesterfield, Connecticut: “I too have been abducted. Myself and a state police officer went to investigate a small airplane crash. It wasn't an airplane! Once they know you know they won't leave you alone. The police officer never reported it because he didn't want to be ridiculed. I knew this guy for years since I was a kid. He was a resident State Trooper. Big fella. He was scared and confused. I've never seen anything like that. But so was I. This is why these things never get reported. We were missing over 2 hours. My wife said she was going to call the police to get us. The dispatcher got a hold of the officer on his car radio (this was 1987, as a matter of fact, was June 21st 9:15 Chesterfield Connecticut) and said we've been trying to call you for 2 hours, where have you been? 'I'll tell you when I come in,' he said.

So that was 1987. Lots of weird stuff happened in between but in 2004 I saw the same craft shrouded in a mist which was emitted from the craft. It came down over the trees. I jumped in my car and I go there. Like the first time I saw it, it was over a pond. This time there was a pond very similar to the pond I saw it near. Two men stood on the shore of the pond very grayish blonde hair, pale-looking men thin wearing 1964 Sears coveralls, blue and white boat shoes. I shook hands and noticed he doesn’t have dermal ridges. Softest hands ever. I introduced myself and they said they worked for the state studying cattle. I believe there's an underground base there so I've done a lot of research everywhere there's a pyramid looking hill on a map.” - osborne007


'Ant People' Experience

Hello Lon,

I read with interest RT's account of the "Ant Man." I too, have had an encounter with them. I am a woman and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some years ago, around 2012, I was reading the autobiography of Col. Percy Fawcett, an Englishman who explored the Amazon and jungles of Brazil seeking the fabled City of Gold, which he referred to as, "Oz."

In addition to his amazing account, he writes about the Hopi, who have a long history of contact with "the Ant People," and also about the ancient inheritance they received from the Lemurian civilization. Among their beliefs is that the Ant people live beneath ground, they are human-size or larger, and they have a consciousness higher than that of mankind. Fawcett said that the Hopi claim that the Ant people will come to help humans restore the earth to health, and they will help us if we sincerely ask them from our hearts.

As I read this sitting in bed one night, I was inspired and deeply touched and so I paused in my reading, closed my eyes, and centered into my heart, calling to the Ant People in my mind. I asked them to help us restore the earth and told them I was very grateful to know they were here and would help us. I felt great love in my heart and profound wonder that they could be real. Then I opened my eyes and was shocked to see two very tall Ant people standing at the foot of my bed. I felt like they were males. They were shiny black all over, very muscular, standing upright with a humanoid body, but definitely not human. Their heads looked like an ant. The ceiling in the room is 9 ft. and they must have been 7 ft. tall. They just materialized in the room and stood looking at me, but did not communicate with me other than to send me a sense of kindness and warmth. I was so astonished I couldn't do anything but stare in awe. I didn't have time to be afraid because of the loving energy they radiated. They must have stood there about 10-20 seconds and then they just dematerialized. At no time did I feel threatened at all. Instead, I could feel the power of their intelligence and consciousness, which was compassionate and loving, yet they were definitely formidable at every level which I'm sure would elicit respect from any human they encounter.

I was thrilled to have such a rare experience and to realize that everything the Hopi said about them is true, and I was stunned that the Ant People would actually hear and respond to my spontaneous "prayer" and the thoughts from this one, puny human! - KB



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