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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Atlantic City BEK Threat

I recently received the following account:

I just need to tell someone about this. Back in September of last year, my girlfriend and I were staying at a hotel in Atlantic City. It wasn't a large hotel/casino, but it was a nice place regardless. It was early Saturday morning. We were awake and hosting another couple from Phildelphia, sharing stories and enjoying each other's company. Well, at about 2:00 AM, we realized that we were out of beer and we really didn't feel like calling it a night. My girlfriend told me that there were a couple of bottles of sparkling wine in the trunk of the car. So she tossed me the keys and I made my way out to where the car was parked. The parking wasn't very convenient at this hotel, so we had ended up parking in a spot off on a side street over a block away.

I could hear the noises coming from a club down the street. But as I walked to the car, I found myself feeling unusually alone. I turned down the street to where the car was parked. The air was very heavy, misty with drizzling rain, and the streetlamps reflected on the wet sidewalk. As I reached the car and unlocked the trunk, I heard this voice call out. "Sir?" I was very startled, and I quickly turned around to a teen boy who was gazing at me from just a few feet away. I was really unnerved, and I jumped back and said something like, "man, you scared the shit out of me." This boy just kept looking at me unfazed. He appeared to be 16 or so, wearing old faded jeans and a dark hoodie sweatshirt. Then I noticed that his eyes reflected the light from the streetlamp and were completely black! I thought that he may have been on drugs, causing his eyes to dilate. But he didn’t seem to be high, and appeared calm and sober. Regardless, I was totally alarmed by this encounter. He then said, "I’m lost and tired. Could you give me a ride to my mom’s house?" But this kid didn’t look tired or worried at all. It was almost like a predator leering at it's prey and I was beginning to feel fear. He started to move closer to me. I immediately broke eye contact from the boy. It wasn't easy to do. His eyes were compelling, as the deep cold blackness sought my attention. I sensed a venerable energy trying to control me. I backed off, and stepped up onto the curb. I uttered "No...I can’t, I have friends waiting." I kept looking down. I didn't want to look at his black eyes, feeling like an insect in a spider's web.

After a few seconds, he responded, "OK, never mind. Here come my friends." I looked up and past him. There were two young kids about a block away and they were walking in our direction. Then I noticed that they weren't walking, that their legs weren't moving. They hovered a few inches above the sidewalk and were floating towards us. I freaked out and quickly turned around to run. As I did so, I heard a horrifying groan behind me. I ran faster than I ever thought was possible, directly towards the hotel. I felt like they were right behind me. I has the painful sensation of something clawing at my back, a feeling I will never forget. It was pure terror. When I reached the entrance to the hotel, I looked back and found myself alone. I continued moving quickly, not stopping until I was back in my room. My girlfriend and the couple were startled to see me panting and bending over in pain. They asked, "What happened? Where’s the wine?" I collapsed onto the couch and didn’t speak until I could catch my breath. I never told them what really occurred, only that some thugs tried to attack me. I no longer felt like playing host and I told my guests that I wanted to call it a night.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night, fearing that these black-eyed kids would find me. Jayson

NOTE: This black-eyed people phenomenon gets stranger and stranger. Are these otherworldly beings, or some other type of entity? These particular BEKs seemed to be malevolent...but that's not always the case. Is their existence connected to an infiltration by unknown forces from an alternate reality? Are their encounters an attempt to study our reaction to their presence...or possibly far more dubious intentions? These BEK, black-eyed kids, are not seen in schools or other locations where youth congregate. Their base or lair are a complete mystery. Then again, maybe these are actual humans who are possessed somehow and able to transform under certain conditions. Are these the vampires and werewolves of previous eras, now conforming to our modern world? I'm keeping an open mind. Lon

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