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Monday, February 13, 2017

Upright Canine Encounter Near Brighton, Ontario

Davis from Toronto, Canada called in to tell of his werewolf encounter:

“About two years ago me and my fiance were heading to my parent's cottage in a little town called Brighton. It's about 100 kilometres east of Oshawa, Ontario. So I had been building this 95-5 litre Mustang since I was 15. And I pulled off, me and my fiance at the time, at the Brighton exit and made a left. We were probably driving around for like 10 minutes and something on my left peripheral of my eye – something was traveling along the side of the road in the forest while we were doing around 60 kilometres and I asked my fiance, are you seeing what I'm seeing right now that something is moving as fast as we're moving in my vehicle?

So me, I work at Corrections, Provincial Corrections, so a lot of things don't really get to me, so I had my 5 double D Diesel flashlight in my car and me being the tough guy I was, I pulled my Mustang over to the side of the road. Keep in mind that this was around 1 o'clock in the morning because I'd finished a shift and we were going after, right after work. No lights. No nothing. This thing, when I stopped my vehicle, it stopped too. I walked out of my vehicle, my fiance is telling me to get back in the vehicle and no more than around 20 feet away from me was something standing there and going back to that canine conversation (host Richard Syrett and guest Lon Strickler had been discussing upright canines earlier in the show) you guys were talking about, but this canine it almost looked like a werewolf to me and my fiance. She's native, and she was saying that whatever that thing we were looking at... it looked right at me. I looked right at him or at it, I couldn't tell if it was a him or not. I didn't get to see its genitals but we looked at each and I just got this faint feeling something's wrong and it looked at me and it let off this noise and then it ran back into the forest.

So I jumped back in my Mustang, drove to my parent's cottage and told my dad and my mother everything that was happening and my fiance, she's native, she was talking how there are these people called Skinwalkers that sometimes take form during the night. That they are cursed, their bloodlines are cursed and during the day they come back. And that's just the little story I had. It's always been a cottage conversation and we always look to the side of the road when we're driving there and we haven't seen it since. (Syrett asks if it was upright walking on its hind legs, had pointed ears and had a snout) Exactly. And the thing is I had my 110 pound rottweiler in the back, she, her name is Mea, and she didn't even give out a yelp, she just looked in the general direction and everyone in the car was just in awe as I got out and I was actually very afraid. I deal with inmates all day who do heinous crimes and I couldn't believe my eyes, what I saw and the guys at work, they thought I was a hallucinating but to this day, I swear that this thing was there.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - February 11, 2017

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NOTE: Though this was the 4th upright canine reports I have received from southern Ontario in the past 2 years, I just realized that each account occurred on a roadway while the witness was driving. The reports originated from areas in the Canadian Niagara Region & near Lake Ontario. Lon

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