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Friday, April 03, 2015

Unexplained Eyewitness Accounts

I selected a few unexplained eyewitness accounts that were forwarded to me this week:

An Incident in Bangkok

By Christopher M. Newport - This occurred in the late 80’s; I was on a trip to Bangkok via Manila. In my hotel room on the morning of the second day there, I was sitting on the bed at about 10 in the morning, working on a draft of an article I was writing. Deep in thought, trying to be profound, I suddenly realized that I was not alone in the room, the hair on my body went straight up and I REALLY KNEW I WAS NOT ALONE IN THE ROOM. The feeling was so strong that, irresistibly, irrationally - and feeling so, I got up, checked outside my door, the bathroom, and on the balcony; nothing.

The feeling continued, now back on the bed, more intrigued than anything else, I said “hello?” The feeling lasted a few minutes more, then vanished in an instant. I was even able to place the “visitor” in the room, straight ahead, to the left of the TV about halfway up the wall. I saw nothing visually but my instincts told me exactly where it was.

The next day, in my mind’s eye, I was able to see the “visitor;” a beach ball sized object protruding/bulging from the wall, black or white, depending upon your point of view, with lateral narrow “V” shaped streaks going in both directions on its surface. Later, leaving the room, I met some of the hotel staff in the hall and told them that my room had a ghost; their English wasn’t up to it so the girls just gave me that beautiful Thai smile they are famous for. The thing did not return and, oddly enough, I never felt afraid when I was there during or after the incident.

You see, the thing of it is that earlier in Manila, I had visited my friends who were deep into the paranormal and meditation and, being a guest, I followed them around involving myself in everything they did, including their discussions, lectures, and meditations. Just before I left, one of my favorite friends there asked me if I was in touch with my “Guardian Angel?” I said no because, beyond the “Golden Rule,” I am not a practicing Christian. She assured me everyone had one and that I must try to make contact. She explained that I should write a note detailing what I needed then burn it and see what happens. I promised her that I would try it.

My first day in Bangkok, in my hotel, remembering my promise, I sat down and wrote a note. To be truthful, I did not mention anything for myself; I just asked that my friends in Manila be watched over. I took it out to the balcony, burned it and forgot about it. The last thing I said in the letter was the suggestion that the “Angel” come by for a visit. Was that what happened? Did I get that visit, or was it a ghost? I don’t know, but tend toward the latter because of the timing. I must acknowledge, however, that I/we don’t really know what we are interacting with in these situations. There is always the “X” factor; the “visitor” may be neither. Ultimately we can do no more than “judge them by their work.”

There were other paranormal incidents during that trip but that was the most direct. I believe the meditation was the key, enhancing my inherent abilities. Truly, that part of the world and its people are magical.


Possible MIB Encounter

Several years back I started a new job that entailed having to use the train. The first day did not go too well - the train broke down miles from my destination. The next train sent to collect us all led back in the wrong direction.

Back in my town I had to wait for the next working train, whilst making a few calls to my new employer. Due to the breakdown I was left with waiting another 40 minutes. Whilst waiting and cursing to myself there came a period where there was just me and this other guy waiting. He eventually wandered off with his phone to his ear.

I was now wondering if my career choice was a mistake as I stood there alone. I then noticed a newcomer dressed in black who wore a hat. A long trench coat, gloves, white shirt, black tie etc just like a MIB. His face looked aged but lacked wrinkles and was very pale. He carried a small brief case and did turn to glance at me many times - which sent shivers down my spine. His movement was odd, one leg seemed to drag along whilst the other acted like it didn't work properly.

I can remember thinking that black wasn't his colour - it didnt suit him.

I stopped glancing at him after I began to feel afraid of him. He kept turning his head to face me - for long looks.

Anyway, we both got onto the same train and thankfully, he didn't share the same carriage. My new journey meant several stops which to my horror included this man waiting with me for the next train.

He always kept his distance from me but boy did he give me the spooks.

When I reached my destination I didn't notice him anymore but he did linger in my mind.



The Woman Who Wasn't

Back in February I was shopping for groceries at a local Wal-Mart. It was in the evening and dark. I had just gotten off work and stopped to pickup some items I needed. After I had checked out, I wheeled my cart out to the parking lot in order to load the groceries into my car.

As I approached my car, a young woman was standing in front of the car park beside mine. I smiled and said 'hello,' and she reciprocated by saying smiling and nodding her head. She was quite attractive, fairly tall with long blonde hair and fair features. She was dressed in dark green overalls and no coat or hat. It was rather cold that day and strange not to see someone wearing a heavy coat.

I opened the trunk and noticed that the woman was standing to my left watching me. I smiled at her and continued to load the trunk. Then she asked if I had the time. I looked at my watch and told her that it was 8:29. She smiled and started looking into the sky.

Suddenly a cylinder of bright blue light descended from above as it encircled the woman - then she disappeared.

I was totally stunned and became fearful. I think I'm still feeling the effects of that night. I dream about this young woman every night and the scenario repeats itself up until the bright blue light appearing.

This is the most dramatic event in my life and I really do not know how to handle it. I am overwhelmed by the fear of being removed from my home and taken to another unknown location.

What did I experience? Lorna

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