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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 8

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Mamaroneck, New York - Summer 1965 - night

The witness remembers waking up and seeing a black shape standing over her, looking down at her. She is apparently became paralyzed. She remembers seeing people from all over the apartment complex were gathered in the courtyard. She went out the window into this courtyard and observed an object hovering about six feet off the ground. The people were all in a trance and were being taken up one at a time into the object. Other tall black figures were around the courtyard.

When she was taken inside the craft she was met by two of the black figures and placed horizontally on a table. One of the figures comes to her right side, the other to her left. One examines her with a tube like instrument, which is 12 inches long, and approximately one inch in diameter with a round end, it had a cord hooked to it. She is asked to look at the figure’s hands. It has three long fingers and a thumb. She then looks at the face, but can only see eyes, but not well. The tube is then inserted into her vagina. There is no pain. Then a smaller instrument, which looks like a metal eyedropper, is inserted up her nose. She then gets up and looks at the table. It is like cold metal and it has one pedestal for a base. She then steps down through a glowing hole on the floor of the object and is returned to the courtyard. She goes back into her apartment through the window, returns to bed, and falls asleep.

Source: Witness



Manhattan, New York - October 1, 1999 - 5:00 pm

The witness was ascending the escalator at Penn Station and had reached street level when she noticed standing about 20 feet away, what seemed to be a male figure about 6-feet, 7 inches tall. He stood near the mouth of the entranceway to the station. The tall being stared at the passerby’s as though he was trying to choose one of them. The witness caught a glimpse of his face but she turned away immediately, and walked away down the sidewalk without turning back, feeling that if she would turn around for another look something would happen to her. For an unknown reason she felt tremendous fear. The figure’s face was not human, his eyes looked right through you. His face was light gray almost white, thick brow, and menacing eyes. He stood in a peculiar way, standing with his back arched, broad shoulders, his elbows pointing towards his back, his head was tilted back just a bit looking down at the top of people’s heads. The witness quickly left the area and did not return.

Source: NUFORC



Mantachie, Mississippi - Fall 1991 - 9pm

In the Fall of 1991 me and two of my friends decided to go to the liquor store and get someone to buy us a pint of booze. We were not yet of age so we had to get people who were of age to go in and buy it for us. We did this two or three times a week. The small town we live in (Mantachie, MS) most of the time leaves you alone as long as you are not bothering anyone. We got the booze and headed to the park in this small town. We go to the park to have a drink every once and a while but this night was different.

We pulled up to the park and started to get out of the truck. We had not yet opened the booze so the booze did not influence us. I was sitting in the middle and my friend was getting out of the passenger's side door. When he got out and I got out, I noticed the sound of a tennis ball bouncing on the tennis court. I looked and saw this figure bouncing a tennis ball. The figure was around 6 foot tall and was wearing a dark cloak. It looked to me that he had some sort of pouch on his back. Me and my friend who got out of the truck saw this figure and told the driver of the truck to look. He did and saw the same thing. In a flash we jumped back into the truck and headed down the road to figure out what we had seen.

We got a few miles away and in the distance we saw coming at us a large bat-like creature. It was several feet away from us but you could make out the red glowing eyes. It passed right in front of our windshield and vanished in the darkness. We rushed to one of our houses and didn't drink that night. We didn't do anything but stay there all night. I am a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal but I do know what I saw.

Source: Witness testimony



Reggio Calabria, Sicily, Italy - Summer 1982 - 11:00pm

The elderly female witness, who lived in an industrial area of the city next to the airport and facing the waterfront had stayed up late one night watching a movie on the television when she was distracted by a flashing violet colored light coming in through her window from the direction of the water. The light reminded her of the flashing light of a lighthouse.

Stepping out to her 5th floor balcony she noticed a dark domed object that had apparently landed on the water directly across from her apartment. It had a bright light similar to a welder's torch that moved about in a zigzag manner. The object was large and totally silent. Soon she noticed a figure standing on the object on one side. It resembled a "lead soldier" and wore a square helmet with two rectangular openings at eye level. It wore a tight-fitting metallic suit. She could not see a nose or mouth. The figure was completely still, until it suddenly turned his head and stared directly at the witness.

At this point a bright beam of light struck the witness square in the face, temporarily blinding her and causing her to fall back into her room. She continued to watch the object and the soldier like figure from a window. At times the beam of light would strike the window area as if searching for her. The figure eventually entered the object on its left side and the craft rose and left silently at high speed.

Source: Witness testimony



Location: Brigantine, New Jersey - February 24 1997 - 1:00am

A 50-year old grandmother was sleeping with her grandchildren in a room and had left several lights on to comfort them. She awoke suddenly and noticed that the lights were turned off. Her eyes slowly accustomed to the dark and she felt a presence in the room. She then saw two short figures standing near her bed. She attempted to contact them, by using telepathy, pleading to go with them if they left the children alone. The beings did not answer her plea. She was then startled as one of the beings moved aggressively and grabbed her. She jumped up and punched the being on the face, his skin felt like hard plastic, she struggled further grabbing the figure by the throat, the neck appeared horribly wrinkled. The being was about 5-feet tall and thin. She then bit the being; she said it felt like biting a cold piece of ham. After a few minutes of struggling the being dropped to the floor. At this time a third figure appeared in the room, then the two standing aliens moved towards her. One brushed against her face and grabbed her wrist; this one seemed stronger than the first. She then suddenly passed out. Upon regaining consciousness the figures were gone. The children had been apparently unharmed. She suffered from a severe headache afterwards and found three puncture wounds on her neck.

Source: MUFON



Location: Near Point Pleasant, WV - Fall 1967 - afternoon

So one chilly day in the Fall of 1967 the parents decided to go to a private event in Point Pleasant. We were southbound on the highway by the Ohio River on the W.Va. side. It was a long ride and my butt was starting to go numb, so I shifted around and then caught sight of something from the corner of my eye. On the side of the road, in a thin stretch of woods between the highway and the river was this bum...or I thought he was a bum. He was wearing a brown flannel shirt and grubby, baggy brown pants and a brown hunting hat with ear flaps down. He was running alongside our car! I checked the speedometer, we were moving at 35 mph! I kept looking at him and he kept running alongside the car, then he turned and looked at me. It looked like he was wearing old-style welding goggles or old-style motorcycle goggles. They were brown-framed circles with bright red lenses.

He kept up with us for several hundred yards until a wide bend in the road moved us apart and I lost sight of him. About two seconds later my brothers started yelling about " The man-he's flying! Look! That guy is flying!" It wasn't the same guy. This one was in a silver suit with wings. He held his arms up by his chest, I don't know how he was controlling his flight. He shot straight up out of the woods, then leveled out and headed towards the east. He had red eyes, but not like the running guy's. The flying guy's eyes were glowing very brightly. He flew behind a hill and that's all we saw of him.

Source: Witness' first-hand account

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