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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indiana Family Confronts Unknown Investigators

I received the following correspondence this morning (Tues. July 31st):

My son and I need answers. We live in separate houses near Shelbyville, Indiana. This past Saturday 7-28-12 approx. 10:45 pm I got a call from my son. He was really shook up and upset. He said that there were men searching the field behind his house and if I could come over there. We live fairly close so I jumped into the truck and headed down the road.

When I pulled up to his house there were 2 black Land Rovers blocking the driveway so I had to park in the front yard. As soon as I got out of my truck a tall guy dressed in black coveralls came over to me and asked who I was and what was I doing there. I told him it was none of his damn business and that my son lived here. This guy was also wearing weird looking sunglasses - it was night - that had a greenish glare in the lenses. He suddenly backed off and walked toward the back of the house.

I followed him to the backyard where my son and daughter-in-law were standing on the patio. He walked over me and asked if he should call the police since they wouldn't talk to him. I told him to go ahead because these guys were on his property nosing around and never obtained permission to do so. As soon as I said 'police' these men all took off towards their vehicles. There were the two Land Rovers in the front and at least 2 more parked in the alley behind the neighbor's house. They were gone in a matter of minutes. I did notice that the license plates on one of the Land Rovers were red in color with 5 numbers - that's all. I tried to call the police but my cell phone lost it's signal which was very unusual. My son's cell phone signal could not connect either.

My son walked over to the neighbor's house to use their telephone but no one was home. We decided to go back into the house. We sat at the dining room table trying to figure out why these men had been there. Then my daughter-in-law said that it may have had something to do with the UFO report the neighbor made the week before. No sooner had she said that when a car horn started blowing out in front of the house. We ran out the front door. It was my wife and she was running towards me and panicked. She tried to call me but my phone wasn't picking up. She said that there were men dressed in black searching around my barn at home!

I got in my truck and sped home - but when I got there no one was around. I sat in my truck wondering what was going on. Just then my cell phone rang - our services were again working. It was my son who explained that the neighbor had filed a UFO report after they were frightened by what they described as "2 three foot tall glowing boys" walking in the field behind the house. My son doesn't believe in UFOs and aliens so he just brushed it off.

So do you think the men in the Land Rovers were looking for evidence? I searched the internet and found your site. I read a few of the reports people have sent you. Please don't use my name and information. I feel the need to examine this further since these men were sneaking around my property. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely - TJ

NOTE: I contacted TJ as soon as I received the email. The post has been edited in order to keep TJ's identity private. This is not the first I have heard of men in black does fit the profile of at least one private aerospace group who, I believe, are still involved with investigating citizen sightings. Any information that can be provided would be appreciated...Lon

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