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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Two Unexplained Encounters, Possibly BIGFOOT Related, in Southeastern Oklahoma

An Oklahoma boy has two unexplained encounters growing up. One incident was of a large dark form in the woods, then later a mutilated cow that was not fed on.

I received the following account:

"Hello. I grew up in the swamps of Southeastern Oklahoma, below the Kiamichi Mountains. In the same swathe of swamp land that spans all the way down through Arkansas and into Louisiana. We had 160 acres of cow pasture that ended where the swamp-pine forests began.

One day after school, my two friends and I were playing in the creek that ran along the tree line. We looked up and saw a herd of deer coming towards us. They saw us in the creek but kept coming. They ran past us once they got close. We gave chase. Three young boys kept up with a herd of deer long enough for them to cross the neighbor's fence into his pasture. This was my first inkling that something weird was going on.

The deer slowed down but kept going along the tree line. My two friends crossed the barbed wire fence and gave chase again. I was husky, so I got stuck in the fence and was left behind. Once I got loose and crossed over I looked up to see my friends far across the field, still chasing the deer. It then occurred to me, "Why aren't those deer going into the forest?"

I hung out by the fence and my friends eventually gave up on the deer and began heading back my way. I was just standing there, looking around at things, waiting. I look down the tree line again to see my friend's progress and see a black shape leaning out of the trees between me and my friends. It was there for about 5 seconds. And then it leaned back into the trees. My adrenaline kicked off instantly. One of my friends was over 6 feet already at that age. And he had on a black T-shirt. So for an instant, I thought I was seeing him. Then I realized both my friends were walking beside each other further down the tree line. In the next second, it occurred to me how big the black shape was. And that it had been the reason the deer would not flee into the forest. Whatever it was, it was huge, bigger than the small black bears that would pass through from time to time. It has always haunted me.

A year or two later I was walking the trail that circled through our land. Our land had a large hill in the center, with a grove of Bodark trees bunched together on top. The trail went through the grove. As I walked through the grove and came around the bend, I came upon a dead cow beside the trail, with its back to me. Not an out-of-the-ordinary thing on a cattle farm. So I went up to it to scope it out, so I could let my father know what I had found. There was blood. Blood on the grass and blood pooled beside the cow's throat. The blood was still fresh, liquid. The cow's throat was ripped up. Like pulled apart. Again my adrenaline kicked off immediately. I ran through all the scenarios of what could have caused this. No wildlife around that area could have done it, except maybe a cougar or a very large bobcat. But the cow's flesh didn't look eaten or cut by teeth and claws. It looked pulled apart. And it was fresh.

Whatever had done it was still around, watching me. I could feel it watching me. I grew up fetching duck eggs out of snake ponds and camping by myself out in the woods. I don't have much fear of nature. But these two times tapped into a primal fear I have never felt again. That was the longest walk home of my life." K



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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