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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Horrifying PALE-SKINNED ENTITY Encounter Near Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana

A road trip with a friend and her family to rural Louisiana results in a horrifying encounter with an unknown pale-skinned entity in the deep woods. Was it a crawler?

I received the following account:

"I decided to contact you after the recent Bigfoot encounter in Kisatchie National Forest was reported in the news. I had an unexplained experience along with my friend in the same area 3 years ago.

This was something I really had a hard time coming to grips with that happened when I was 16 years old. I lived in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. It was a nice, bustling area, and I was always around people, whether in the apartment complex I was in or just going about my day, I was never truly "alone." I had a good friend I still frequently talk to, let's call her Sarah. Her grandmother lived in Louisiana. I had never been one for long road trips, but I thought having a nice girl's weekend with her would be fun, and I would bite the bullet and try and enjoy myself for this car ride with her parents, me and her in an old minivan.

Her grandma wasn't the nicest, but she liked me well enough, I think. We were out in the middle of the woods. She was extremely close to the Kisatchie National Forest, so the homes were spread far apart and the woods were vast. The middle of nowhere. Her grandma had a thing for people being too close to her. So my friend and I were out in the woods, playing and exploring these dense woods behind her property. There was a nice creek and the trees seemed to muffle the outside world. Birds were chirping and we saw lots of wildlife; lizards, squirrels, chipmunks. This forest was crawling with life. It was amazing.

We must have been out there for at least 2 hours because as the sun started setting, we started to get antsy to return. Now her grandma had a huge property, she enjoyed her space and you must understand, there were no houses or neighbors beside her. She basically spent a fortune on her "space."

So anyway, we started back and followed the winding creek back up to her house since it was vertical to her place. There was a noise behind us, it sounded like a dog or wolf. I stopped and my friend did too and we listened. The noise continued. There's nothing more terrifying than absolute silence and actually hearing something behind you, following you. We were a ways away, but we both were frozen in fear. I was expecting it was a coyote or some wild dog, but as the footsteps from the dark drew closer, I heard a ragged breath, that sounded less dog, and more almost human. It started off quiet, but it grew louder and almost ravenous as it got closer.

I slowly turned around as my vision adjusted to the dark. Now it sounded like something was dragging its legs through the leaves. Then it stopped. There was more silence. Nothing. No sounds, no panting, nothing. We were both petrified. We were scared now to move an inch. Because whatever it was that was with us was so close, it would surely outrun and overtake us.

Then we both heard the most bizarre sound in our lives. It was a deep, long moan, but it took us both by surprise. I managed to take a quick look at whatever it was. The sound was coming from a tree a couple feet from my friend, and I saw "it." One hand was gripping the tree and through the dusk, I could see paper-pale skin and the eyes. I'll never forget those eyes. They were wide and the mouth was gaping like a dead fish. I didn't have time to analyze if it was a woman or man, demon, or whatever it was, I just wanted to get out of the woods. The sound stopped as I locked my eyes. I felt my heart stop. My friend managed to tear herself out of the trance we were both in and grab my arm and we booked it.

We both started screaming and yelling, to hopefully scare whatever was after us, off. Neither of us heard any noises behind us since we were so pumped with adrenaline, running and screaming, running and screaming. We didn't stop till we slammed the backdoor and locked it. 

Not 10 minutes after we got back, I demanded to go back home, and my friend was just as shaken up since both of us refused to stay in that house. So we got a hotel at a nice nearby place, and I left the next day. I tried to be in a good mood the rest of the time I was there, and honestly, it was a great trip, other than that walk in the woods. Her grandmother actually died 2 weeks after we left. Being alone on a crazy big property like she was on, I was surprised a neighbor a couple miles from her came to check on her. We were not sure how she died, but my friend and I have our suspicions and still do." N



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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