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Monday, July 01, 2024

GOD OF DEATH! US Soldiers Encounter 'DEMON HUMANOID' on Iraq Military Base

A US Serviceman stationed at a base in Iraq recalls a tall, dark 'demon humanoid' that had infiltrated the facility. The locals called it the 'God of Death.'

I received the following account: 

"I'm recalling my friend's story to the best of my ability. This is all classified according to him.

He was stationed at a base in Iraq. The base was surrounded by a wall that had guard posts at various locations around the wall and one or two other locations where soldiers would keep post, including barracks. There was also a big abandoned warehouse on the base that was not being used. It had huge heavy doors that opened outward from the middle, which were always closed. Soldiers had to walk past this warehouse when switching posts.

Well one night when my buddy was in his barracks, gunshots went off. Everyone rushed to get geared up and figure out what was going on. Once they figured out the gunshots came from inside the base they went to the location of the shots. Two soldiers were posted up, guns pointed to the old warehouse and were freaked out. One of the doors to the warehouse was pushed slightly open. They yelled at the two soldiers to see what was going on, but the guys didn't budge. They said that something big and black was just running inside that warehouse. Once they calmed the two guys down they did a sweep of the warehouse and found nothing. It took two soldiers to push the door shut again.

The next night there was screaming coming from inside the warehouse. They did a sweep. Nothing.

The next night, more screams.

On the third night, another group of soldiers shifting locations opened fire. They basically had the same story as the first group. They said it was fast and basically moved faster than they could aim and shoot. Again the door was pushed open. Took two guys to close it.

After this went on for a while, and the soldiers were found mentally healthy, a bigger investigation was set up. They pointed some special cameras at the entrance to the warehouse, set up some guys outside, and waited for something to happen.

Well, one night the door was pushed open on camera, and there was basically a 'demon' that stepped out and started screaming bloody murder. The guards opened fire and the thing sprinted faster than humanly possible back inside the warehouse. Both doors were flung open and the thing just screamed. More soldiers came and did a sweep. Nothing.

Around this time the soldiers at the base started to piece a few things together. They had always known that a village near the base had a curfew, and no one stayed out of their house past nightfall. So some went to investigate why. Long story short the villagers told them that there was a 'God of Death' in the area and they dared not stay out past nightfall.

Around the time they learned this, a special team came in with more equipment. Some bigger gunners were sent in, including my buddy with special recording equipment. They dragged the big double doors open and set up inside the warehouse. It was pitch black but they could see with their equipment. They set up so two guys sat facing each other, making a square of four guys total.

About four hours went by without anything happening. Then, the guy across from my buddy started making a hand signal. He was signaling that something was behind my friend. The guy to the right of my buddy was dozing off and another soldier across from my buddy was perfectly still. My buddy did a 180 from his chair to a crouched position, giving room for him and the guy across from him to open fire. He said when he turned around he just saw this 'demon humanoid,' around 9 feet tall, with piercing eyes, and as menacing as possible. When he opened fire the thing was so fast it basically teleported to the side and up the wall until it was on the ceiling. They continued to open fire but the thing was fast and kept appearing behind each of the soldiers, endangering them. Eventually, the soldiers got the equipment and abandoned the building.

The cameras apparently captured everything. My friend was debriefed and told to never speak of it again and the building was demolished. The villagers related the demon to an old mass grave near the base, which after the events above, was dug up, and everyone was given a proper burial.

I without a doubt did not recall everything correctly, his version had way more detail. The way my buddy tells this story is so convincing and detailed that it's hard not to believe him, but the story is so incredible that it's very hard to believe at the same time. I wish I could get him to type it out because it's simply amazing." L



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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