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Monday, June 03, 2024

URBAN LEGEND? The Strange Hamlet of Allentown, West Virginia

The story reads like a typical urban legend, which it may very well be. I have read of this place before and the details are similar. I don't know if it's true, but I'm posting it anyway.

I received the following weird account:

"I grew up about 45 minutes from this place in West Virginia. On a map, it doesn't look that far but the only way to get there is one long winding backroad. So 'Allentown' has always sort of been an urban legend in the area I grew up in. Everyone has heard of it, and a lot of people have stories about it, whether they be personal or passed down. For those of you who don't know Allentown isn't an actual town, it's a hamlet, which is basically a self-sustaining village that's relatively isolated.

It's called Allentown because legend has it everyone (I've read there are about 150 - 200 residents) shares the last name, Allen. Now parts that have been confirmed are that at least a majority of Allentown does not have plumbing or electricity, which is pretty odd as they are within an hour or two from major metropolitan areas. There have always been rumors of inbreeding (obviously that's where the name comes from) cannibalism, etc. So anyway, back to my personal story.

Allentown was always talked about in schools and kids were always daring each other to go there, especially around Halloween time. There are a few videos you can find on YouTube of kids driving through and getting freaked out. So right after I got my license some friends and I would just sort of cruise around blasting music, doing dumb teenager things. This was before smartphones so the only GPS we had was an old Garmin that barely worked and was already extremely outdated.

So, we're cruising around backroads and starting to get lost. I have my buddy try and use the GPS but it is out of signal and just keeps showing us as somewhere we're not saying "rerouting, rerouting" We keep driving, trying to get out of the mountains hoping we'll get a signal and figure out where we are. It's starting to get dark and we all have a bad feeling. None of us have a cell signal, I only have about an 8th of a tank of gas, and to top it all off in my state there is a curfew for new drivers, and we are on the brink of being past curfew.

At this point, it's getting very dark and there are no street lights or anything. It's twilight so you can still make out stuff in the distance but it's very hard. Eventually, we can make out what looks like a run-down house. As we get closer we notice there are a few more of them and some trailers as well. They all look post-apocalyptic though. If you've ever played Fallout picture that.

We then see the outline of a man on the front porch of one of these homes. We talked it over and agreed we should ask for directions and get the hell out of there (Now, I know this sounds like a classic horror movie trope but this really happened).

So we start to pull up next to the house with the man on the porch, there is no light coming from inside the house and nothing but a gas lantern on a card table next to the man. He's rocking in an old rocking chair and that's when we notice two things. He has no legs, just nubs under folded-over trousers. Also, he's holding a shotgun and staring daggers at us. At this point we booked it. I did the fastest 3-point turn of my life, almost went off the road, and just got out of there. Eventually, we made it back to roads we recognized and we found our way home." E




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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