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Tuesday, June 04, 2024

OILY BLACK HUMANOID Running Along San Antonio, Texas Highway

The humanoid creature was entirely naked and oily black and smooth, the rain glistened off its skin with a shine like wet black marble or obsidian. This occurred in San Antonio, Texas

I received the following account:

"This happened on 5/11/2019 on my way home from work. I live in central Texas. San Antonio to be exact. This whole incident happened in the span of maybe 30-45 seconds. Maybe a minute, but it felt pretty quick and surreal.

I was driving on a short stretch of elevated highway. Wurzbach Parkway, if you know the city. Traveling northbound between 281 cutting over to 35. I was passing the airport, just past Thousand Oaks, where the highway straightens out for a few miles until it slopes to ground level. It was raining and there are not many streetlights on this part of the highway. I was traveling 60/65 mph. My car is a little sedan so I had a low view of the road. I was the only one on the highway in either direction, aside from a pair of headlights several miles behind me.

In the distance ahead (maybe a half mile or so), I saw what looked like a man (human outline) running or jogging on the right-hand shoulder of the road. Aside from it being nearly 1 AM and on an elevated stretch of road, I didn’t think it too odd. There are lots of drunks in my city and strange things have happened. Nonetheless, I moved from the right lane to the left, just in case.

As I approached I became aware that this silhouette was not getting taller, as you would expect as your perception shifts. Instead, it stayed the same height. I estimate maybe 3 or 4 feet tall, based on the fact its head came to about the same height as the hood of my car. I slowed down to about 50-55 mph and stared at the back of this thing. Trying to make out details through my rain-soaked windshield.

As soon as I got close enough for this thing to be fully in my headlights, it dropped down to all fours, as if it was trying to mimic an animal. I know this was not any animal I’ve seen. Its size was that of a medium-sized coyote, but it was running distinctly like a person attempting to run like an animal. Its hindquarters were raised up in the air and I could clearly make out buttocks. And it’s legs kicked out sideways. If you’ve ever seen documentaries about feral children, it’ll give you an idea of the gait that I am attempting to describe. The only thing is that no human I’ve seen could run on all fours at the speed this thing was going.

The creature was entirely naked and oily black and smooth. The rain glistened off its skin with a shine like wet black marble or obsidian. I could make out muscle tone and everything as this thing clipped along. As it dropped to two legs, it lost some speed, either intentionally or just from the change in gait. It was running about the same pace as a person could sprint.

I passed this thing and it looked over its left shoulder towards me. Its face was flat, with a flat wide nose. It had big eyes, I could see the whites and dilated dark pupils. There was no eyeshine, which I think is unusual, just those eyes against the black of its skin. Though it never looked directly in my headlight beams, so that may be inconsequential. It opened its mouth at one point as it was looking at me as it passed. Its teeth were flat and white like a human’s but with larger and prominent canines. It had hands and feet like a person. I couldn’t make out any genitalia, but it was distinctly male in its general appearance. It had would best be described as a swimmer’s build. Its body was proportionate to that of any other human, just scaled down. No crazy long limbs or anything like that.

I did fumble with my phone with the intent to try and take a photo. But to be honest, I was so enamored and excited and trying to take in as much detail as possible while driving on a dark rainy road. I also didn’t think a photo would show much because dark, rain, and the glass of my car windows. But now I’m seriously thinking of getting a dash cam. I hope that the car a ways behind me saw this thing, it was pretty obvious.

I hope I’ve provided enough detail for an accurate report. I have no idea what I just saw. But I’m glad I saw it. It didn’t seem malicious. It looked scared like it was not happy to be up there and just wanted to get off the highway. I got the very distinct impression that the only reason it dropped to all fours was in an attempt to mimic an animal and draw less attention to itself. He didn’t have far to go till the exit, but there was a well-lit gas station and intersection there.

Aside from a few apartment buildings and scattered industrial areas the only other stuff along this stretch is a small amusement park and the airport. There is an old abandoned concrete plant in the area next to the highway. Again if you’re local to the area, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. That was my first thought as to where it could’ve come from, it was heading away from this though, and towards a populated area, so it doesn’t make much sense.

I’m still just floored that I saw this thing. I’m totally open to providing more details, but I believe this to be pretty concise." L

The eyewitness followed up with more information:

I couldn’t make out much detail. Just what I described. It’s height, gait, color, and the fact it had muscle tone. Aside from when it turned its head, then all I really saw was wide eyes and teeth. The whole thing happened pretty quickly. As I got close enough to pass it turned its face towards me so I couldn’t make out a profile. This thing was dark black and I honestly don’t remember being able to make out the nose or ears. I’m sure they were there though. As I said, it looked like a person, just scaled down." L




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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