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Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Mesmerized by the BRIGHT BLUE THREE-FINGERED ENTITY in the North Dakota Woods

A young man is in the woods near his friends when he starts hearing his name being whispered. He then sees a bright blue light that transforms into an unknown entity.

I received the following account:

"This happened in the summer of 2016. I was at a big bonfire gathering at a place called "The Desert," a large wooded area where The Missouri River runs through it in Bismarck, North Dakota. There are sandy river beds all over the place. There's a big crazy complex path that goes through this wooded area and all these dirt bikes fly all over there all the time. Anyway, it was probably 11pm and dark. I had gone to my car to grab a smoke and decided to take a leak while I was away from the friends (oh I also want to mention I wasn't under the influence of anything as I had been asked to be the designated driver that night, which makes this encounter all that more bizarre).

So I heard my name called from this really dark area of that woods. I called out "Yo, I'm busy, what da ya want?" No reply, so I shrug my shoulders and finish up. Then I heard my name called again, only from the far opposite side of the wooded area. So I holler again. No response. I start walking into the woods (on the dirt bike path) thinking someone's screwing with me. I thought I saw something, a bright baby blue color, moving among the trees! So I stop and hear my name called (or I should say whispered) from all around. Oddly enough I had no fear and kept walking forward toward that light thing I'd seen. I'm quite a way into the woods as I can no longer see the bonfire (and it was a huge fire) and I start seeing that blue thing again as it steps out from behind a tree. It paused long enough for me to make out what it was. It's a glowing figure, very skinny, and probably 8 feet tall (the most beautiful blue I've ever seen).

Now most people would have turned tail and ran like the wind, but this thing emitted some kind of mesmerizing 'love vibe' in which (looking back on it) I felt pulled to it and felt like I went into a trance-like state. So I kept walking towards this thing and actually picked up my speed because in my mind I was thinking "I gotta get to this figure cause I want to hug it!" (like why was I thinking this is beyond me, the feeling I had running through my mind was so backward I can't even describe it really).

I'm probably like 100 feet from this thing and I can see details in it, such as definitions on its face and I can see that it has 3 (yes, 3) fingers (which at the time didn't scare me one bit). So I'm standing and looking at this thing and I start jogging towards it (yep, jogging). I then suddenly stop on a dime (metaphorically speaking) and the thought slams into my mind that "If you take one more step toward this thing, no one will ever see you again! You'll be another statistic of people that go missing in the woods!" Going from an almost elated love state to sheer fear is an odd sensation.

Anyway, I started backing up slowly and this being actually started taking steps towards me. Well, I thought, this thing was gonna come running after me so I cruised like a marathon runner and started screaming my friends' names, the second that the bonfire came back into view through the trees. I'm very lucky that the path I chose to take was a straight shot from where I started because the rate at which I was willing to follow this thing, it easily could have drawn me into taking all kinds of pathways and gotten me quite lost in this huge wooded area of criss-crossing dirt bike tracks.

When I got back to the bonfire I told everyone what happened. A few went into the area with flashlights looking for this "blue being" but to no avail. Apparently, I'd been gone over an hour?! Seriously, it seemed like 20 minutes. Anyway, there is some kind of "entity" or "entities" that dwell in the woods of Kimball Bottoms...A.K.A "The Desert" in Bismarck, North Dakota." D




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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