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Saturday, June 08, 2024

HEX-MEISTER: Witness Describes His Encounter in Rehmeyer's Hollow

A York County, Pennsylvania resident describes his strange encounter and subsequent findings about Rehmeyer's Hollow and the infamous 'Hex Hollow' murder.

I received the following account:

"Back in 1995, a friend connected to the dark side (unbeknownst to me then) suggested I go fishing in a pond in southern York County, PA. It is a summer day around June, and I find the place. When I get there, I find about 10 people fishing. Soon it begins to get dark and everybody leaves. Being the determined fisherman I was I stayed.

As dawn begins to turn a car pulls up. Out of the car 2 girls dressed in long dresses resembling hippies get out. The car was a late model 1970s car. I continue to fish with utter determination. As time passes, it goes from dawn to DARK. The girls get up, get in their car and leave. A few minutes later I got this weird feeling like I was being watched on my right side. I shrug it off and continue to cast away.

About 15 minutes later, the feeling of being watched intensifies. It progresses to the point that I'm starting to get scared. For my life! As a former Marine, I said to hell with it and tried to ignore this sensation. Soon, I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to play it cool and hurriedly gathered my things. I ran like the devil was after me.

Now here's the fun part. I spent 1 1/2 years in the Gulf War. Slept with God knows what and have been afraid for my life at times - due to the war-like conditions. But that day I truly felt if I hadn't left I would have died. After a week or so I got to visit my friend and explained what happened. He stops me in my tracks to tell me the girls before the "feeling" were ghosts. Naturally, I think he's messing with me. He then begins to tell me about Rehmeyer's Hollow. I again, doubt him. Then he pulls his copy of The Long Lost Friend (the book Rehmyer was allegedly - "killed" for. It is at this time I realize there is something to this story. So I go to the library downtown and sure enough, I learn all about Rehmeyer.

OK, get ready. If I had previous knowledge about Rehmeyer's Hollow you would logically say; there were prior conditions to create this whole thing in my mind. But WAIT! I was born in Puerto Rico and never heard of Rehmeyer until that very moment. Now, you tell me. An ex-Marine, who slept yards from the enemy, who's slept in the dark hearing things. I don't get scared easily. I will not tell anyone, that I heard, saw, or felt anything. Quite the contrary. I didn't see, hear, or feel anything. Yet, that day; I felt if I had not left hurriedly I would have died. I can't explain it. It was just a feeling.

I tell you what! That place is for real. I've visited the place again for trout fishing and can not stay there long. Something is lurking and watching. So who were the girls? My dad says they were Angels looking out for me. The strange thing looking back; is that these girls acted VERY STRANGELY. And I swear they floated out of there. It wasn't obvious at first but in retrospect. They WERE NOT HUMAN.

Who's this "buddy" of mine who tells me to visit this place? None other than York's own creepy and strange author; Brian Keene. We shared some interests at that time (mostly music and work). I have other interesting stories about Mr. Keene (but that's beyond this story). I do believe Rehmeyer was killed for that book (The Long Lost Friend). Then again, was he really killed? According to some; he came back and opened the 7 Gates of Hell here in York. Anyway, I want all to know; that this place is for real! Stay far AWAY!" G

NOTE: OK. The witness's interpretation of Nelson Rehmeyer is somewhat correct, but I have some insight on the 'Hex Hollow' case since Rehmeyer was a relative in my paternal grandmother's family. I wrote about it in Hex-meister: The Dark Side of Folk Magick. 'The Long Lost Friend,' the Pow-wower's handbook, is not a rare book and copies of the original can be found on Amazon and in bookstores. Lon




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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