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Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Did the Eyewitnesses Encounter the BEAST OF BRAY ROAD?

Two friends were Christmas shopping in the vicinity of their town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, when they encountered a tall, black creature running on the road at an incredible speed.

I received the following account:

"I saw something in the road that has changed me. I want to know if anyone has experienced something similar or knows what I saw. It was December 2022 and I was Christmas shopping with a friend of mine. I live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It took up most of the day so we had quite the load. It was dark by now so we figured not much else to do but we might as well power through wrapping everything. 

By the time we finished, it was a bit after 1 am and we were out of cigarettes so we left my place to a gas station. I had done all the driving during our shopping because she doesn't handle busy traffic very well so she offered to drive. Bit of a night owl so late-night drives aren't out of the ordinary and the road I live on is a long one. It is not isolated or in a rural area, but there are wooded areas and a train track close to my place. The neighborhood has quite a lot of apartment buildings and houses. The point is that I take a busy road daily, especially at night.

So as we leave the gas station we are coming up to the intersection with a stop sign that we need to turn left on to get to my place. I was in the passenger side playing Pokemon Go when my friend said, "That person must be crazy to be jogging out." I look up to see that they are approaching the intersection and someone is jogging across it. I laughed in agreement. But I was in awe and blurted out, "Wow...dude is fast and really tall. Why is he running so weird?". I didn't think much about it but as we got closer I realized he was running hunched and leaning forward with his arms outstretched behind, like that run they do in Naruto. His arms were long past the knee with giant outstretched hands and long fingers. He was skinny and I mean like sickly skinny.

The closer we got the more wrong everything looked and felt. His movements were soooo weird. Like twitchy but so fluid for the speed at which he was going. There were street lights all along the intersection and roads but it was so weird because it seemed unusually dark out. As we came to the stop sign under the street light he had just crossed and came to a stop right before the edge of where the light reached about 15 yards out if that. That was when I looked at the dash clock and it all hit me at once. It was the middle of winter at 1:30 AM, cold as hell out and someone was jogging? I realized this guy wasn't a guy. This thing was standing with its back towards us hunched forward with arms stretched behind with those long outstretched claws. It was the most intimidating stance I've ever seen. It was easily over 7 feet tall and completely black. Its head was shaped like a teardrop.

At this point, we had been sitting at the stop sign staring at it for 10 seconds when it did the fastest 180 I have ever seen and was coming straight at us. I have never before had intense fear and panic that had crashed onto me. Pure terror. It felt so heavy and my whole being was screaming DANGER! YOU'RE IN DANGER! I yelled, "GO GO GO!" The car screeched as we took off and my phone flew out of my hand. I looked behind us and sank deeper into a state of terror. This thing was not just keeping up, it was gaining on us. I yelled floor it its right behind us!

At 60 MPH we started to lose it. I scrambled for my phone to call 911. The car came to a stop and I immediately turned to my friend. She was staring forward wide-eyed. She kept saying, "I need to see it, I need to see it." I was so panicked I instinctively turned her towards me and said, "You're not crazy! I saw it too. You're not crazy! I saw it too! I saw it too! It's real! We need to go before it gets us!" She snapped out of it and floored it. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 and stopped. It was like I finally was able to get a grip back on myself almost like it was a result of the distance between us and that thing. My friend yelled, "What are you doing? Call the cops!" My response was, "They'll never believe us!"

I used to listen to a podcast and I remembered the host's words about how when people see things sometimes he wishes they'd turn around to verify what they saw. So I told her, "Don't pull up to my place, it could still be behind us. Floor it to the end of the road. We're gonna switch as fast we can. I'm going to drive and put my phone against the windshield to record, and you're going to use your phone to record. Then we can have more proof for the police to back up what just happened."

She panicked and said no over and over but she gunned it and drove past my place. We got to the end of the road, switched, and I gunned it toward the direction of the thing. Nothing. this all happened in minutes and the speed it was going and that we were going, well, we should have met. We started to approach where we had first seen it and, I don't know how to explain it but I started to feel that fear again. I realized when we lost it it must have turned around and gone back in the other direction further down the road where we first saw it. The speed limit is 25 and I slowed down to 15 when that fear started weighing down. Then I couldn't believe what happened. It was like a movie.

A big group of deer came running from the direction we were headed. They were literally running in the middle of the road and next to the car bumping into each other. There had to be over ten of them, buck and doe. In the middle of the run toward the car, it was far less dangerous than what they were running from. I had never seen deer run that fast or so tightly together in that number. I had to come to a complete stop and wait for them to get by before I continued driving. My friend commented, "It must be in that direction. Something must have terrified those deer to run towards us like that. It's gotta be that thing we saw." I was thinking the same thing and started to feel the fear again.

I continued down the stretch of road. Nothing. We couldn't find it. I drove till 6 am, too scared to go home without proof to give to the police to look for it. I convinced myself I'd be safe if I knew the police were driving around my area looking for it. Scared that it might follow me home if it were still light out.

Since that night, I can be in my living room playing a game and feel that same primal fear and panic wash over me. It wasn't every day, Just a couple times a week. It must be close and that's why I'm feeling this state of terror. I've had it where I'm gaming, laughing with friends, and that terror crashes into me like that thing is close and is watching me. I know I'm not in a constant state of paranoia and that's why I feel the fear. I'll be good, enjoying my night with friends or something, completely with the thing out of my mind, and boom. The terror is starting to be more frequent and intense.

I'm a smoker so at night I smoke and everything will feel fine. I feel safe. other times I feel watched and unsafe. Like my body is screaming, 'You're in danger.' The thing I saw on the road that night was black. The thing I've seen after is like white, with almost glowing white eyes, and sharp exposed teeth. But the same tall, thin body and tear-drop-shaped head. I know this all sounds crazy. What do you think it was?" N

NOTE: Since the witness lives in Lake Geneva, not too far from Bray Road, and there have been a variety of cryptid canine sightings and reports in the region for many decades, that may be what they observed. I have contacted the witness and we are keeping in touch. Lon




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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