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Friday, May 24, 2024

Woman Discovers YOUNG GIRL'S ENTITY Resides in Her Apartment

A young Chinese-American woman moves to Taiwan, later getting an apartment. Unknown to her, the entity of a deceased young girl resides in a bedroom. She soon moves.

I received the following account:

"I've lived in Taiwan for over a decade. I moved here from the United States when I was in high school because my parents wanted to move back to their homeland. Taiwan is heavily Taoist and places a huge emphasis on respecting (and fearing) the dead.

A few years after we moved I graduated from school and went out on my own. I located a nice 3-bedroom apartment in a nice area of town for a very reasonable price. The third bedroom was down a short hall adjacent to the family room and had a window that opened to the building draft shaft, which was pitch black all the time. The room always sort of creeped me out and I didn't know why. When I'd sit at the computer, the room was on my left and I could always see it out of the corner of my eye.

Well, one night the light just flips on in there. Thought that was weird, but I couldn't tell if the switch had physically flipped or not because I didn't know its location or off/on it due to the shape.

Fast forward a month and I decided to get a "mini" pig, which turned out to be a massive 200 lbs sow which I still have. I took her for walks every day down to the local park and let her graze while I studied Chinese. One day a very friendly, but odd old woman came up to me giving me the Chinese gesture of service (hand on a fist in front of you as you bow), and rambled on to me in Chinese about what I couldn't understand at the time. I smile, don't know what else to do.

A week later, there she is again. She takes my Chinese textbook and pencil. She goes to a blank page in the back and proceeds to draw something then writes in Chinese. She smiles politely and gives it back to me. The picture is what looks to be a doll of a girl in a dress with very large hole-like black eyes. I'm sort of shocked and creeped out. The picture was quite well drawn by the way.

I didn't know what it said, so I took it to my Chinese teacher. She takes one look at it and her face goes white. She says, "There is a bedroom in your house with the ghost of a young girl in it. She likes you and your pig. She is friendly." I kind of swallowed hard. Back at home, I looked at a note on the door of the room that had been there since the day I moved in. I assumed it was saying something about the electrical in the room or something. I take it to my Chinese teacher the next week who unhappily tells me, "That is the room the girl lives in." I go home and tell the "girl" politely that I can't handle that sort of thing but her space is her space, then proceed to move a month later. It was just too creepy for me!" H



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Reports of various humanoids have been increasing. The sightings & encounters vary from alien-like beings to creepy otherworldly manifestations. The high number of reports currently rivals many other paranormal and cryptid phenomena.

During the current flap of winged humanoid sightings around the Chicagoland and Lake Michigan region, there have also been reports of other unknown humanoids, seemingly connected to the Chicago Mothman.

I ask you, what are people observing, not only in Chicago, but worldwide? Are they Earthbound, extraterrestrial, or a continuing enigma that we fail to understand?

I believe that I have put together an interesting group of humanoid reports that defy most rational explanations. Listen to the accounts and form your opinions.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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