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Saturday, May 04, 2024

VIDEO: TIME TRAVELER Recorded by Florida Homeowner?

A Florida homeowner believes someone broke into his backyard shed, disappeared into thin air, and returned older after traveling through time. What do you think?

Florida-based real estate agent Alec Schaal went viral after he shared the disturbing surveillance footage on TikTok.

Airbnb owner Alex Schaal believes someone broke into his backyard shed and time-traveled before reappearing. Haunting surveillance video shared by the TikToker shows an intruder entering the shed before an older man emerged the next day.

On Monday, Schaal offered the news of his so-called time traveler. In a video, he shared surveillance footage of a man dressed in a white T-shirt and shorts walking through the front gate of his property.

At first, Schaal thought the intruder was going to try to break into his home, but then something far more mysterious happened. After wandering around for a bit, the man walked to the backyard of the property, went inside a shed, and suddenly disappeared.


Schaal, who lives five hours away from the Airbnb, spotted the bizarre moment from his house and grew increasingly disturbed when the man wouldn't leave.

Despite yelling at the intruder through a microphone on his camera, there was no movement behind the open shed door.

Eventually, the homeowner decided to call the police, and officers sifted through the scene. The cops were captured on the surveillance camera wandering through the backyard and checking the shed, but they came up empty-handed. Schaal said his explanation to the police made him look like he was crazy.

The next day came, and Schaal was shocked to get yet another notification that someone was walking around his home. He grabbed his computer to review the footage and was horrified to see another man walking out of the same shed where the first disappeared. This second man was noticeably older with white hair and a different outfit but had glasses similar to the first man's. There was no video of him entering the shed, according to the homeowner.

After analyzing the footage, Schaal concluded this second intruder was the same as the first, but after a journey through space and time. He ended his saga of videos by asking followers what they thought of the jaw-dropping sight.

TikTok users were left in shock by the videos, with many people sharing their theories on what happened.

"Yep they look like the same person," said one user.

Another suggested there was a hidden door in the shed that Schaal might not know about and encouraged him to check.

A different user wrote, "I want this to be real so bad."

"Honestly, if he's not a time traveler it's still weird that some young guy went into your shed and some old came out of the shed the next day," a curious TikTok user wrote.

Schaal told his followers he would visit the property within the next week to investigate what was going on.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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