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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Unexplained OTHERWORDLY 'WAVE' SOUND Heard in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

A group of friends is camping in a secluded canyon in Utah, spending the majority of the night awake and partying. They begin to hear a bizarre 'rushing' sound that freaks them out!

I received the following account:

"It was my birthday and we had decided to go up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah to have a camping party. We were having a good time until it got pretty late and we noticed it was starting to drizzle, so we decided to go in the tent for the night. The rain started becoming on and off (this is pretty normal to residents of Utah, the weather kind of does what it wants, so I didn't think it that weird). After a few hours of rain, it was pretty cold and damp, but not really that windy.

I'm a night owl so I always stay up the entire night during parties. I was excited and a little tipsy, and it was my birthday so I was pretty hyper. Around 2-3am, I noticed that during one of the rain's off periods, it had gotten exceptionally silent. After a couple minutes, you could start to hear what sounded like a rushing sound. It was quiet and distant at first but steadily growing. I had some time to process and my immediate thought was that some ice at the top of the canyon must have melted and that we were about to be flooded. We were in a pretty secluded spot near the mountain wall.

This theory of flooding was pretty quickly dismissed from my mind as I noticed that the sound seemed to be coming from the mouth of the canyon. Obviously, water doesn't flow uphill, so I really had no clue what this sound was. As it built up and built up, it continued to sound exactly like a wave. I was born in California and surfed a lot when I was younger and I swear to you this sounded like the biggest wave I had ever heard. It was like the deepest roar mixed with the rustling of the entire canyon. I was terrified. It made me feel so small. And then suddenly we get blasted with this force of wind so hard, it woke all the other guys up.

I really have no other experience to compare it to. It was such a physical power, it felt like we got punched by some kind of giant. The impact was deafening, the pressure popped my ears harder than ever before in my life. It was gone as quickly as it came, but oddly, it didn't just pass over us and keep going. Weird, because we were only a little more than halfway up the canyon. When it hit us, the noise stopped. Why stop with a small tent, in a giant canyon?

None of it makes sense to me to this day. I know I was a bit tipsy but there were a couple of sober guys in the tent who felt the exact same thing, so it can't just be a delusion. Now it was a powerful impact, but what was least expected was that in the morning, when we got out of the tent, which we had set up on top of a tarp so we would sleep dry (which didn't work out) and you could clearly see that the tent was about 5 ft off mark with the tarp. It was as if the tent moved while we were in it. Not a very easy task with 5 guys averaging about 200 pounds each in it, as well as staked down. Also weird is the fact that we had another guy sleeping in a different tent about 15 feet away from us whose tent was completely fine, despite having less weight in it.

Now I'm not a wind expert, but I know that what I felt in that canyon was something I had never felt before, and none of my friends had ever felt either. It felt otherworldly, like a targeted force, not something natural. We've all lived in Utah a long time and camped in that canyon and known people who've camped in that canyon. To this day the only people I know who have experienced this were the people present in that tent." V



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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