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Monday, May 20, 2024

(PHOTOS): CRYPTID CANINE Follows Turkey Hunters Near Knoxville, Tennessee

Today, I received the following report & photographs from Harley Owens, who is a member of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team.

"On April 28, 2024, my stepdaughter's dad and I decided to go turkey hunting on WMA (Wildlife Management Area) land on the outskirts of Knoxville, Tennessee called Forks of the River. We get out in the area early morning around 4:30 or 5:00 to get a game plan on where we can find turkeys.

We get out a little before dawn and we start walking the trail. The woods were eerily quiet. We stopped, hit an owl call, and had 2 turkeys gobble off in the distance. So we decided to head in that direction. After daylight, we called and called, but nothing would respond. We keep walking along and we find the big fields along the river. We sat down and called again, but nothing.

Around 7 am we decide to work our way back to the vehicle. We were on the back side of this property along an equipment shed and we decided to cut off through the woods to get back on the trail we were originally on.  As soon as we got off into the woods I noticed there was something keeping pace with us. I researched Bigfoot and Dogman. I wasn’t going to say something until he heard it. We walked up and out of the creek bed and this thing has been following us for around 20 minutes now.

My companion says there’s something following us and I said it has been for about 20 minutes. So I decided to take pictures 180 degrees behind us.

We finally got out of the area. This thing seemed to have stopped following us. Upon getting back home and looking through the pictures one of them struck me to the core. In the center of one of the pictures was a creature. We walked right through this area and there was a small laydown tree but there was no stump in that location. What is in this picture is a canine-like creature that almost looks like a huge pit bull. This is my 2nd encounter with a Dogman-like creature although we never saw this creature, we both heard it following us distinctly and could tell it was bipedal keeping pace with us." Harley Owens



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Reports of various humanoids have been increasing. The sightings & encounters vary from alien-like beings to creepy otherworldly manifestations. The high number of reports currently rivals many other paranormal and cryptid phenomena.

During the current flap of winged humanoid sightings around the Chicagoland and Lake Michigan region, there have also been reports of other unknown humanoids, seemingly connected to the Chicago Mothman.

I ask you, what are people observing, not only in Chicago, but worldwide? Are they Earthbound, extraterrestrial, or a continuing enigma that we fail to understand?

I believe that I have put together an interesting group of humanoid reports that defy most rational explanations. Listen to the accounts and form your opinions.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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