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Friday, May 17, 2024

PHOTO: BIGFOOT or Unidentified Person? Mt. Rainer National Park, WA

A woman and her friend are driving around Mt. Rainier National Park when they observe a strange human-like figure that seems to be wearing a hooded coat.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"My best friend of 10 years and I went adventuring by ourselves in Mt. Rainier National Park located in the upper left-hand corner of Washington State. This was in 2005. I grew up in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and my neighborhood best friend of 11 years named 'M' married a radar tech on a submarine for the US Navy while I attended college for psych in Philadelphia, PA at Temple. They are stationed in the Puget Sound area. I flew out for her birthday in late October and Halloween in Seattle.

Mount Ranier is a large active stratovolcano. It is indeed on the Decade Volcano List, meaning it has been identified as significant because of its history of huge, harmful eruptions next to highly populated areas. Pretty much the day consisted of hours of driving through the Cascade mountain range. I highlighted the route we took on our map in the pics.

Things got weird after we reached the highest part we could reach which was the Paradise Inn, at the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center. Nothing was really open here as far as the Inn went because it is late in the season and as of Nov. 1st, your vehicle must have chains to enter certain areas of the park because of the impending snow.

Your car is almost always alone. You see other people, it's chilly, so a few here and there at the really stunning viewpoints. After 30 minutes of swearing, we passed the same dead-slanted birch tree at least 3 or 4 times, our déjà vu was overwhelming. Driving slow (speed limit was 30) with our windows we reached a point in the mountains I had lost precisely on the map after taking a selfie of M driving.

I know we were somewhere after Paradise Inn because the snow is sparse but still present. I was in the middle of asking my friend if she felt alright when the car in front of us slowed to stop quick enough to make my body bounce off the seat. That is when we see a person (?) in a hood by the tree line. I still had the camera open so I took a picture. I’ve lived in North Philly for 4 years and never in my life have I ever felt a terror so severe and all-encompassing than how I felt at that moment. How I felt was more indicative of “something’s” presence than “someone’s”, I’ll say that much.

It skittered off faster than anything I’ve ever seen. It was silent too. It definitely was wearing some type of long cloak with a hood. Its size was consistent with that of a person. I think what is bothering me is that in broad daylight, my friend and I could NOT make out any features. Sure as hell wasn’t a hiker though. Not many out this late in the season anyway. M keeps telling me she is sure it is about 5 feet tall. Did not see hands or arms but the movement was QUICK. The car in front of us sped off so fast, we couldn’t even ask if they also felt like they were in the Twilight Zone." P



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EL CHUPACABRAS - ALIEN or SOMETHING ELSE? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Chupacabras

The legend of El Chupacabras (translated as 'the goat-suckers) began in about 1992, when Puerto Rican newspapers El Vocero and El Nuevo Dia began reporting the killings of many different types of animals, such as birds, horses, and as its name implies, goats. At the time it was known as El Vampiro de Moca since some of the first killings occurred in the small town of Moca. While at first it was suspected that the killings were done randomly by some members of a satanic cult, eventually these killings spread around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. The killings had one pattern in common: each of the animals found dead had two punctured holes around their necks.

Soon after the animal deaths in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States, and, most notably, Mexico.

Both in Puerto Rico and Mexico, El Chupacabra gained urban legend status. Chupacabra stories began to be released several times in American and Hispanic newscasts across the United States.

The chupacabra is generally treated as a product of mass hysteria, though the animal mutilations are real. Like many cases of such mutilations, however, it's been argued that they are often not as mysterious as they might first appear.

Descriptions of the physical appearance of each specimen can resemble descriptions of other specimens or differ from other descriptions. Although they have different appearances, El Chupacabras are typically 3 feet or taller, they are roughly humanoid in shape as they are bipedal with 2 arms and are described as otherworldly creatures.

So, are El Chupacabras an alien entity, or are they something else? Listen to the accounts and form your opinions.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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