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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

PHANTOMS & MONSTERS NEWS: MISSING 411...400 People Have Never Returned - The Reality of MERMAIDS - UAPs Took MALAYSIAN FLIGHT 370?


MISSING 411...400 People Have Never Returned

Washington State is a hiker's paradise, boasting some of America's most iconic trails and breathtaking natural beauty. Mount Rainier is the crown jewel of Washington State’s natural beauty, and majesty doesn't even begin to describe it. This behemoth of a mountain dominates the Washington skyline, with its snow-capped peak glistening under the sun.

There are plenty of things to do in Mount Rainier National Park. Lush forests sprawl across its base, hiding crystal-clear lakes and cascading waterfalls. It's a scene straight out of a postcard, a place where you can almost imagine breathing in the crisp mountain air and feeling all your worries melt away.

But here's the thing about Mount Rainier – beneath all that beauty lies a sleeping giant. Mount Rainier is an active volcano whose history is as fiery as its potential future. But there's another unsettling truth – the mountain’s undying hunger for people. Over the years, numerous explorers have vanished without a trace on its treacherous slopes.

So, while Mount Rainier's beauty is undeniable, its past and the mysteries it holds are enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Read more at 400 People Never Returned Home After Visiting This US National Park


The Reality of MERMAIDS

Three species of sea mammals correspond to the mythical mermaid: Siren sirena – Mediterranean-Lusitanian distribution; Siren indica – restricted to the Atlantic side of the Americas; Siren erythraea –  the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Indonesian archipelago.

There were sightings further to the north, particularly in the Atlantic and these were mermaids moving icewards to look for Arctic shells to use as currency in their warmer homes.

The reason that we have not found a real mermaid is that they were wiped out by a plague of jellyfish in the early modern period. Read more at Karl Banse: The Man Who Made the Case for Mermaids



Ashton Forbes has been covering recent data leaks that are allegedly caused by the disappearance of the MH370 flight. This case has always interested me; even Netflix documentaries have accused Russia of stealing the plane to Mongolia.

Ashton Forbes has been combing through all the data and is displaying a pretty universe-shattering realization in verifying these videos' realism. There is still a ton of debate about whether these videos are real or not; looking past the video, you see a ton of background research that really causes one to question what exactly occurred. From the Wolf of Wall Street possibly being funded by MH370 hush money from Obama to Nuclear weapons being obsolete due to Lockheed Martin having time-space manipulating doomsday devices, this episode is a wild ride no matter whether you think the images are real or not.

The thing is, the implications of this story are huge. This interview rattled me pretty hard and lowkey; I hope Ashton Forbes does not do any whistleblowing on top of this because it could be one of his last. Read more at 10 Years Later We May Have Evidence Of What Happened to Malaysian Flight 370




BIGFOOT vs MILITARY & GOVERNMENT | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Bigfoot #Sasquatch

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EL CHUPACABRAS - ALIEN or SOMETHING ELSE? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Chupacabras

The legend of El Chupacabras (translated as 'the goat-suckers) began in about 1992, when Puerto Rican newspapers El Vocero and El Nuevo Dia began reporting the killings of many different types of animals, such as birds, horses, and as its name implies, goats. At the time it was known as El Vampiro de Moca since some of the first killings occurred in the small town of Moca. While at first it was suspected that the killings were done randomly by some members of a satanic cult, eventually these killings spread around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. The killings had one pattern in common: each of the animals found dead had two punctured holes around their necks.

Soon after the animal deaths in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States, and, most notably, Mexico.

Both in Puerto Rico and Mexico, El Chupacabra gained urban legend status. Chupacabra stories began to be released several times in American and Hispanic newscasts across the United States.

The chupacabra is generally treated as a product of mass hysteria, though the animal mutilations are real. Like many cases of such mutilations, however, it's been argued that they are often not as mysterious as they might first appear.

Descriptions of the physical appearance of each specimen can resemble descriptions of other specimens or differ from other descriptions. Although they have different appearances, El Chupacabras are typically 3 feet or taller, they are roughly humanoid in shape as they are bipedal with 2 arms and are described as otherworldly creatures.

So, are El Chupacabras an alien entity, or are they something else? Listen to the accounts and form your opinions.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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