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Saturday, May 11, 2024

PALE CRAWLER HUMANOID Seen While ATV Riding in the Eastern Kentucky Mountains

Two teenage girls have a bizarre encounter with a pale white crawler humanoid while ATVing in the eastern Kentucky mountains.

I received the following account:

"I'm not sure that what I saw. Names and the details leading up to this encounter aren't very important so I'll just set the scene. Two 14-year-old girls on an isolated eastern Kentucky mountaintop a few hours after I flipped the ATV, injuring my friend's leg. I had tried to act quickly, but I was too weak to get the ATV upright by myself. Once the both of us lifted it, we promptly flooded the engine. I helped my friend up, put it in neutral, and decided to push the ATV down the mountain with my friend occasionally tapping the break.

Suddenly, she halts our progress and asks me to jump on the back. In front of us was a monster of a snake. It was the fattest, angriest hog snake I've ever seen, right across our path. Blocking us. By this time, it was almost dusk. Because the snake was easily the size of my arm, we decided to just stare it down, waiting for it to crawl on. Finally, I could push again, though I wasn't thrilled about walking next to this monster. I didn't have a long way to go and we'd be able to coast on down, or maybe my parents would come searching for us. There was still plenty of light, but the sky was pink from sunset.

Simultaneously, our heads snap to look behind us. I'm not entirely sure why we even looked. There wasn't a sound, no twig snap. It had to be something instinctual because we both looked back at the tree-lined path we'd slowly come through. Every hair that I own, is raised. My blood ran cold in an instant. I spared one quick glance at my friend, mostly because I hadn't seen it yet. She had. She was completely frozen and I followed her gaze to about 15ft behind me.

There sat this creature, hunched over. Boneless, yet with some humanoid form. It was skin. Pale-white skin. At first, I thought that was all that it was. Then, barely a second after that panicked observation, I noticed its face. It's eyes. They were so deeply set that at first terrified glance, I thought that they were only empty black pits. The setting sun struck them just enough that I could see the refraction. Its nose was flat. This hunched, naked, pale creature was studying me just the same. Its lips were pale, pink, and trembling. A horrifying thought informed me that this gaunt creature was famished or starving. As if it heard my inner dialogue, it raised its skin-wrapped, skeletal hand to silence me. Then, it waved its claws one finger at a time.

Then, the sweetest sound that I'd ever heard, the ATV started. My friend must have turned away long enough to try it. So, I risked it as well. I leaped onto the back of the ATV, sobbing, and wrapped my arms around my buddy so tightly. When I glanced back it was gone.

Halfway down the mountain, we ran into my parents. It was pitch black by that time. We survived and talked about it later at the hospital. Turns out, she didn't even know how to start the ATV. It wasn't her.

It's been a few years since this happened. I haven't been back on the mountain. I'm still friends with her and we've talked about it a few times. We've theorized various possibilities as to what it could've been, but we can't agree. I've tried to find similar encounters, even in mythology. I'm sure that I've not explained it very well, but I did try my best. Do you have any ideas about what it is? Did it want to hurt or help us out? We both saw it, so at least I know I'm not crazy." IC



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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