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Friday, May 31, 2024

New Jersey Experiencer Details Complex UAPs & UNEXPLAINED ENTITY Encounter

A Cumberland County, NJ experiencer describes his bizarre encounter that includes various unexplained events involving UAPs, possible Glimmer Man, & other anomalies.

An investigator & colleague from Philadelphia forwarded the following account to me:

"I’m a 35-year-old man from and currently living in Cumberland County, New Jersey which puts me about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and 45 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean while at the same time being only about 15 minutes away from Delaware Bay. After high school, I went into the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst for a while. Then when I got out I moved to NYC and worked as a project manager for a construction company until I met my wife and decided to move back to New Jersey to be closer to our family since she was pregnant with our daughter. That’s just some background on me.

So this happened in October of 2018. It was about 11:45 at night and I decided to go on my front steps to smoke a couple of cigarettes before I tried to fall asleep. Everybody else in the house was already sleeping.

It was a pretty clear night without many clouds in the sky but there was some fog on the ground. As I was smoking I was looking at the fog and to me, it looked like there was movement in it. I know it sounds crazy but it was almost like there were invisible/camouflaged things out there that I wouldn’t be able to see if it wasn’t for the fog hanging on the ground.

As I was looking at the fog I noticed this white truck that had driven by 2 times at this point. I could hear a woman and man yelling at each other when the truck stopped at the stop sign in front of my house. The woman gets out screaming at the man then slams the door as he pulls off fast. She then proceeds to walk into the woods across the street from me which is really weird because there isn’t anything back there except for blue holes until you hit the Bay. If I walk out of my front door and just keep walking straight there won’t be any houses or civilization at all, only trees and artificial lakes (Blue Holes) left over from sand plants until you hit the Delaware Bay.

So at this point, it’s been about 5 minutes since the woman walked into the woods when things started going from weird to absolutely unbelievably scary, strange, and the most reality-shattering thing that has ever happened to me. I’m still looking at the movement that I’m seeing in the fog when I hear this very loud noise come from the woods that sounds like metal being ripped apart. There really isn’t a good example I can give for that sound because it was so unearthly. I’m sure it wasn’t a natural sound. That sound lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds then abruptly stopped and was replaced with a different sound which I could feel more than I could hear. Imagine being aware that there’s a huge sound happening by you but is out of the frequency that your ears can hear, that’s the best way I can describe it. This sound is a constant throughout the rest of this experience.

This is the point where I will probably lose you and I’m aware of how crazy this all sounds but as I’m getting adjusted to the sound it feels like something reaches out to me mentally in my own head. It does so without words and only conveys a feeling of calm and a heads up or warning for what’s about to happen. It kind of felt like whatever it was was feeling me out to see how I would react to what I was currently experiencing like a security check.

As I was having this feeling of calm conveyed to me I noticed a light in the sky that seemed to have risen out of the woods I would say about 5 or 6 miles away from me. At this point, it was only a ball of light in the distance but I just knew that it was coming right towards me although it wasn’t moving very fast.

Right after I notice the light in the sky, I start to get really really freaked out more than I’ve ever been in my life. In the woods across the street from me which is no more than 50 yards all these orbs of light start to appear. I could see some that seemed to flicker into existence. These orbs were all white light which didn’t light up the area around them like what you would expect from flashlights. There were probably about 12 to 16 of them which moved in a totally smooth manner. Besides the trail to get into the woods, the area is so dense and infested with thorn bushes. It simply wouldn’t be possible for people to move where the lights were moving, let alone do it completely smooth I really am positive that they weren’t people with flashlights because of the area and the characteristics of the light orbs themselves.

So I’m just watching the orbs move around for about a minute trying to make sense of what it is I’m seeing when I look back up to the sky to find a craft coming practically right towards me with it only being about 1000 yards away at this point. So I’m going back and forth looking at the orbs on the ground and the craft which I start to make out better. It was flying very low, I’d say it was only about 3 1/2 to 4 stories off the ground. I see the path it’s taking and see it’s going to pass right in front of me at an angle in which I’ll be able to see underneath the craft and the side of it at the same time.

The craft was a single-story dull black rectangle. I could see underneath the craft and saw that the rectangle was made up of 3 smaller rectangle panels that fit together to form a larger rectangle. I clearly saw that the craft was made up of 3 panels. The size is a harder estimate but I would say it was about 35 yards long and 20 yards across. Underneath lights were flashing in a pattern that would cycle through then cycle back the other way. In the moment I thought that the craft was signaling to the orbs on the ground. It didn’t make any sound at all and all I was hearing was the same buzzing/humming noise that I felt more than I heard. While it was in front of me it was moving really slow to the point where I don’t think a plane with a normal propulsion system could even stay in the air at that speed.

I take my eyes off the craft and look back down at the orbs which are still moving all around though one was starting to cross the street in front of me. I only took my eyes off the craft for a moment when I looked at the orbs but when I looked back the craft was gone. For whatever reason when I saw the craft just vanish like that the reality of what I was seeing really hit home and I got scared. To be honest with you since my daughter, wife, and mom were all no more than 50 feet away from all of this craziness I was watching. So I went inside and locked the doors. I just felt like I’d be willing to investigate more if it was just my life I was playing with but I wasn’t willing to take that chance with my family lives.

I could have just been paranoid at this point but I felt like I was being watched for the next 2 hours. I didn’t have any lost time from this event and the entire thing happened only over 20 to 30 minutes.

Looking back on the event now I question what exactly was going on with the white truck and the woman who walked into the woods at the beginning of this post. I’ve also done some research and found that there are a good number of reports of people seeing a Glimmer Man in the woods which make me think of the movement I was seeing in the fog. Where I live is a very active area for UFO phenomenon which makes sense if something wanted to have access to major cities like Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore, and DC what could possibly be a better place to hide than almost inaccessible 1000-foot-deep lakes in the middle of the woods?

I’d really like to hear what you think about this and if anybody has had a similar experience or knows somebody who has. Please feel free to reach out to me!" E

NOTE: My colleague forwarded this account to me for my opinion before he contacted the experiencer. There is so much in this encounter that I wonder if it is all connected or if different scenarios are happening in a short period. Your thoughts? Lon




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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