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Friday, May 17, 2024

Marietta, PA Mystery: "A House Doesn't JUST VANISH!"

An interesting mystery that revolves around a house on a property in Marietta, PA that, according to the witness, simply vanished. What occurred?

I received the following interesting inquiry:

"Hi. I grew up in the small town of Marietta, Pennsylvania. I’ve had paranormal experiences with friends in the woods down by the Susquehanna River where a lot of Native Americans once lived for centuries. It’s a quiet little town (although not so much anymore) but always felt a little bit off. However, growing up there was always this nice house that sat atop the hill of a field where the neighborhood kids and I always used to play football. Once I grew older and turned 21 it was beside a road I used to walk up to get alcohol at the local pizzeria, Marco’s.

The house was never something I didn’t pay attention to. I’ve seen the residents outside. There was an older blue Mustang I presume the father of the household was working on all the time during the summer. They seemed pretty happy. He had a wife and two small kids I saw sometimes. The night before things got weird I was walking up to get some alcohol and stop in for a few drinks when I vividly remember giving the man a casual nod hello as I walked on up. I don’t remember what he was doing but I do remember he was reaching into his car for something as we made eye contact and nodded.

I walked by on my way back home and everything was dark there. Blue Mustang in the back driveway and their other vehicle (a white generic van) was there as well. Nothing was out of the ordinary. I walked back down to my house, cracked open my beer in the garage out back, and had a good night listening to the radio and hanging out. The house wasn’t in visual sight but the road was and I wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

I woke up the next day around the early afternoon. I had a typical hangover and admittedly I was an alcoholic at the time so my hangover cure was, well, more booze. I got showered and changed and left my house on that midsummer day on my usual route to Marco’s. I put my earbuds in and didn’t even pay attention to whether or not a house I always expected to be there existed anymore. I got to Marco’s and sat and had a few Jack and Cokes and talked with the regulars like I always did for a few hours.

On my way back with my booze to end the night, I didn’t have my headphones in and was feeling a good buzz. I walked down the road by the house like normal until I gazed upon the corner and saw... nothing? I was quite perplexed as one would be in this situation but what made it worse was the warehouse/medical lab for Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). The workers weren’t allowed to smoke on the lot as I already knew from asking long before. So a few of them were standing at the edge of the road there right next to where the house always was. I looked at them confused and they gave me confused stares back as I asked, “Wasn’t there a house here?” They looked back at me and shrugged trying to figure out what house I was talking about.

There wasn’t a patch of dirt where a recently dismantled house might be. It was completely covered in grass. The spot where the foundation was just natural with the rest of the hill like nothing was ever there. Even the 10-foot or so makeshift “driveway” where their cars parked that was made up of dirt and stones was just a natural patch of grass. The next day I had my mother drive by there with me and even she couldn’t figure out what house I was talking about. Nobody could remember the house being there but me.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any of the kids I used to play sports in that field with to ask them if they remember. I admit that would be a little weird anyway, so I want to see if there’s any way I can prove something weird happened or disprove myself because there IS a thing our brains do that changes memories and what we see to make more sense. My only problem is I can still remember the feeling that night of KNOWING it was there the day before." B

The witness later wrote:

"The house was at the corner of Wasp and N Porter St: https://ibb.co/tXRFVZ9

The zip code is 17547 if you want to investigate. It’s on the west side of town by GSK." B

Then a later update:

"In an interesting turn of events I have found an old Google Maps Street View that DOES have the house. But it’s from 2011; well before the house disappeared, and has cars in the driveway I can somewhat see (the Google map car didn’t go past the house directly) but they’re not the vehicles I 100% vividly remember as I’ve seen them many times from 2013 until the disappearance. Likely new tenants or they upgraded their vehicles.

Unfortunately, the satellite view is only giving me the latest winter of 2019 view. So I’m still hoping someone knows a way to find earlier cached satellite images from Google Maps to preferably see around 2014-2015 around the time it disappeared.

Hopefully, someone can help lead me in the right direction to getting actual proof this house disappeared suddenly without an explanation!" B

NOTE: Does anyone feel like checking this out? Lon



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Soon after the animal deaths in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States, and, most notably, Mexico.

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