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Sunday, May 12, 2024

INVESTIGATION: UNKNOWN CRYPTIDS Reported by Monroe Lake, Indiana Resident

On April 8, 2024, I received the following email from an Indiana eyewitness and resident who had been experiencing strange noises and dark figures near their property. The case was assigned to Carter Buschardt and Shayn Jones from the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team.

"Hi. I'm from Bloomington, Indiana. I've lived here my whole life recently moved out to Monroe Lake, one of the largest lakes in Indiana, and here recently I've been encountering noises and dark figures on the edge of my woods. I don't have any recordings but I do have pictures. I would love to send them to you.

I'm not looking to publicize this. I'm just looking for expertise in this field because I know for a fact there's something out here. I just don't know quite what it is. If it's okay, I would love to send pictures to you and see if you're interested in seeing what is going on out here. I would love it if someone came out and wired up some cameras. Maybe some audio devices to see if we can catch something. It's been happening the last month or two pretty much every other night. I'll hear something or see something.

I would love to catch it on camera with you guys. That's a little better than my phone. I appreciate your service. I'll send pictures your way. Thank you." JW

The following report was submitted to me and the team by Carter Buschardt:

"This is from the family that was being harassed by "unknown beings" in Indiana and after a series of conversations it was determined much of it was Sasquatch. This photo is obviously not a Sasquatch. The Sasquatch were pounding on the home, screaming, tossing small branches, peeking in the windows, etc. at the home. I told them to just go outside and with a calm voice tell them to please stop scaring my family and that they are welcome on the property as long as they quit scaring my newborn baby and fiance.

Much to his surprise it worked and things chilled considerably. I also told him to add motion lights and a few trails and or security cameras. That stopped the "aggression" almost totally. They now are still wandering his property, but they stop just outside the reach of the lights. He goes back and forth between thinking they are going to attack him someday to being at peace. Peace will have to come to them at its own pace.

The attached photos are of the mystery being, and possibly another, standing by a tree, and the tree photo is the tree in broad daylight. Obviously, there is nothing there, but there certainly was two nights ago. As far as a bear, there have been only four sightings of black bears in Indiana since 2015. He has told me there are no bears in Indiana other than those passing through seasonally. I have cleaned up the photo as best as my skills will let me. I have removed much of the noise and upped the DPI from 72 to 400, which provided much more clarity. I also rendered the color photo to greyscale and then to a negative, also at 400 DPI. The snout and recessed face is shown pretty clearly. I sent this photo to another trusted source so that is why the copyright is on there, hopefully to stop any temptation of theft. It is not my property but did this to protect it. The copyright can be removed at any time. His sense is that this is Dogman. If there is anyone who has the skill set to clean this photo up better that would come in handy. There is more to the story but this is enough for now." CB


"One more item that has importance. The home they just moved into was vacant for going on twenty years, so I am quite certain the forest beings have had free reign on the property for many years, so in their eyes, the humans are the interlopers, not the other way around. I have had several reports of this exact scenario before and it fits like a glove. But for the most part, they step aside and have a harmonious, to an uneasy truce at co-existence, depending on the personalities of all parties.

Shifter? Could be. It has almost panda-like physical qualities in reverse, with a much lighter snout and face, yet black ears and body. I can send other photos if you like. Some are marginal at best, spooked witnesses snapping pics while shaking in sheer terror. That being said, I have seen these types of photos before, as have you and others. Pareidolia is at play but they saw what they saw and the photos simply mostly disappoint. I do not think they are faking the terror and raw nerves. I have spoken to him about 5 times so far. The emotions run the gamut from terrified to at ease. They do not seem to be attention seekers nor do they want anything but answers." CB

NOTE: This is an ongoing investigation. Any updates will be included with this information. Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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