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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Eyewitness Claims to See SASQUATCH on Lidar IR on 3 Occasions (Once in San Francisco!)

A witness, Tom, wrote to Steve Isdahl at HowToHunt about his supposed three experiences with Sasquatch. Included were two images that he claimed showed the creature.

"I've seen a Sasquatch many times and they don't look all look alike. All the crazy things that you've heard about Sasquatch, orbs, strange lights in the trees, translucent shimmering beings, shadow beings, and more, I've seen around my home in San Francisco as soon as it gets dark. I will share three experiences that I have had since the fall of 2020.

Last year (2023) I was playing with the Lidar scanner on my iPhone Pro. Lidar light detection and ranging allow you to measure distances by firing a pulsed laser at an object and timing how quickly it returns to the receiver. I was pointing my iPhone's Lidar Scanner at the branches of the large tree across the street when suddenly out of nowhere a giant 2 feet wide dark-colored menacing face appeared at the base of the tree and next to it was a 2 and 1/2 foot-tall man and it was a Sasquatch.

I realized that it could see the Lidar IR light coming from my phone and it was letting me know that it wasn't happy about me aiming it at the tree. There's no doubt in my mind that these beings have eyesight that is far superior to ours.

In November 2020 I was 45 minutes south of my home in Redwood City I was on a 40-acre property that had large pine trees on it. I was walking around the property enjoying the beautiful cool fall evening. I walked up to a pine tree with a huge wood burl when I saw a 5-foot-tall Sasquatch coming out from inside the wood burl. I immediately stopped and reached for my iPhone that was in my pocket to take some photos of the Sasquatch. I was less than 20 feet from the Sasquatch when I opened my camera I could see it clear as day on my iPhone's OED screen. I was in awe of what I saw and didn't feel any fear.

I glanced up from my phone screen to look at the Sasquatch. It was gone! It disappeared in the split second that I had taken my eyes off the camera's screen.

My third experience with Sasquatch happened on April 3, 2021. It was a little after 10:00 PM when I looked out from the living room windows and saw a bright light across the street where there wasn't a light source. I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. I could see a Sasquatch holding a very bright light about waist-high next to the fence across the street. I was struck by what I saw. I tried to get my wife and two sons to look at it but they didn't want anything to do with it.

The Sasquatch was there for almost 2 hours before it suddenly disappeared. It didn't get up and walk away, instead it simply vanished. One moment it was there and then ‘poof’ it was gone. The entire time I was looking at this creature, I thought to myself, this is amazing. I couldn't believe what I was looking at but there it was. Sasquatch knew I was looking at it but it didn't appear concerned that I saw it. I even shouted, "Hey!" at it from my living room window but it never flinched. I considered calling the police to report it but what could I say to them without sounding like I was mentally challenged or high on drugs? And no I don't drink or do drugs.

Seeing that creature with the bright light on the fence across the street was an eye-opening experience. When the creature on the fence disappeared, a small bluish totem appeared in its place on the fence. What's interesting about the totem is the Sasquatch shows up here in that same spot every night. What's more interesting is the ones who show up change every couple of months it's like they're coming here on vacation and then leaving.

Tom provided two images. Steve Isdahl, the host, was less than impressed, noting that he could not see any Sasquatch in either picture.

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M26GKOn8_rM

NOTE: I have to agree with Steve, I don't see anything either. I'm not discounting that the witness may have some perception abilities that most other people don't possess, but I would need more proof. Click the photo for a larger image. What do you think? Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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