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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Documented Examples of Possible PERMANENT ALIEN ABDUCTION

The following accounts of possible permanent alien abduction were forwarded to me by humanoid researcher and author Albert S. Rosales:

Location: Burragorang Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Date: early 1953
Time: Daytime

One camper, who happened to penetrate that valley was surprised to come across a large “saucer nest” in a forest clearing. Yet the most startling incident occurred when a lone camper, Brian Dogherty, while camped under the stars one night, saw a large, dark “saucer-shaped” craft moving over the surrounding treetops. As he got to his feet he heard a loud “crunching” sound as the craft landed in a nearby patch of gum forest above the gully he was camped in. It was a long time before he got back to sleep and by the time he awoke and went in search of the landing site of the mystery craft, it had lifted off and flown elsewhere. All that Brian found was an area of trees and shrubbery that had been broken and flattened.

That same year a hiker, Peter Suttor, happened to penetrate an area beneath the cliffs on the south side of the valley one day, which it turned out, was in the vicinity of two “saucer nests” discovered earlier by campers. From the protection of shrubbery, he saw at a distance, several man-sized forms clothed in what he later described as “spacesuits”. The mysterious beings appeared to be searching the ground with strange metal devices, apparently collecting soil and rock samples.

It was not long before Peter told of his strange encounter to friends, including a UFO group at Fairfield. In turn, the incident was related by a member of the group to a friend in the Liverpool Army Camp. This soldier, and two others from Ingleburn, while on leave, decided that they would go on a camping trip to investigate the area of Peter Suttor’s strange sighting. Setting off from Warragamba Township, they attempted to follow the approximate route taken by Peter. It is believed that they penetrated several kilometers inland to the approximate area where the strange figures had been seen. However, it was beyond a certain point that all trace of them was lost. Despite the searcher's efforts, like the earlier servicemen two years before, all trace of these soldiers was lost. Furthermore, all further mention of their disappearance was soon lost in the official wall of silence that descended on the whole matter.

Source: Rex Gilroy, Nexus Vol. 2 # 17


Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: February 12 1953
Time: sundown

At sundown, witnesses told police that they had watched an automobile enter the throat of a storm drain near Willowbrook and Greenleaf Avenues. Officers arrived on the scene within ten minutes, and according to the Los Angeles Herald and Express, they followed the fresh tire tread marks into the tunnel for seven miles. Other policemen and flood control district workers continued the search for the automobile by dropping through manhole covers. The track-down continued until midnight when, seven miles up the storm drain, the tracks vanished.

“Herald Express newsmen who had accompanied the police on the incredible search up the tube were witnesses to the fact that: “In the muddy silt covering the floor of the drain, the tire tread marks were sharp and fresh. Then no more tracks.

Source: Brad Steiger, “Strange Disappearances” (Lancer Books, N.Y. 1972)


Location: Near Gardena, California
Date: November 11, 1953
Time: Afternoon

Wilbur J. Wilkinson held a responsible position with the Hoffman Radio Corporation in Los Angeles and according to his wife, “had tape recordings of conversations with men from other planets who landed here in saucers.” The den in his home was lined with UFO photographs and weird symbols and formulations, supposedly passed along by little men from the planet Maser who were preparing to invade Earth. Wilkinson’s partner, Karl Hunrath, claimed to have information about landed saucers and talked his friend into renting an airplane so they could try to find it. They took off from the Gardena California, airport with a three-hour supply of gasoline. That was the last anyone saw of them. A widespread search failed to turn up either the plane or the two men.

Source: John A. Keel, “Our Haunted Planet”


Location: Soo Locks, Michigan
Date: November 23 1953
Time: late evening

A wintry darkness had settled over Michigan. At an isolated radar station Air Defense operators were watching their scope in a routine guard against possible enemy attack. Suddenly the “blip” of an unknown machine appeared on the glass screen. The Ground Control Intercept officer took a quick look. The unknown was flying over the Soo Locks---and no aircraft was scheduled near that important target. Whatever it was, it had to be identified swiftly. In less than two minutes an F-89 from Kinross Field was streaking toward the locks. At the jet’s controls was Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr., a veteran at 26. Behind him was Lieutenant R. R. Wilson, a 2-year-old Oklahoman, acting as a radar observer. Guided by Ground Control, Moncla climbed steeply toward the “unknown”. Back at Ground Control, the controller watched the jet’s blip on his glowing radarscope. As it moved toward the UFO blip, the strange craft changed course. The controller called Moncla gave him the new bearing. From the scope, he saw that the F-89 was now over Sault Sainte Marie, though to the crew the city’s lights would be only a blur, quickly lost behind. The UFO, flying as fast as a jet airliner, was heading toward Lake Superior. At over 500 miles per hour, the F-89 raced after it, out across Whitefish Bay. Nine more minutes ticked by in the tense quiet of the Ground Control radar room. Gradually the F-89 cut down the gap. By now, the controller knew, Wilson should have spotted their quarry on the fighter’s short-range radar. Watching the chase, he cut in his microphone and called the flight’s code name. “Target should be visual. Still bearing---“

He broke off, staring at the scope. The two blips had suddenly merged into one. Whether the strange machine had abruptly slowed or Moncla unaccountably had put on full power, no one in the room could tell. But one thing seemed grimly certain; the two machines were locked together, as if in a smashing collision. For a moment longer the huge, ominous blip remained on the glass. Then it quickly went off the scope. Marking the position, the controller flashed word to Search and Rescue. Moncla and Wilson might have bailed out in time. Both had life jackets and self-inflating rafts; even in the icy water, they might survive for a little while. The mystery craft and the F-89 had come together far off-shore, about 100 miles from Sault Sainte Marie and 70 miles from Keweenaw Point. As quickly as possible, search planes with flares were roaring over Lake Superior. After a fruitless night search, boats joined the hunt as American and Canadian flyers crisscrossed a hundred-mile area. But no trace was ever found of the missing me, the F-89, or the unknown machine.

Source: “The Flying Saucer Conspiracy” by USMC Maj. (ret.) Donald E. Keyhoe 1955

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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One of the constant questions I have received concerns the quick reaction by officials after my phone call to the local police. I feel that this being had been under close surveillance during the morning I witnessed it. I found out later that another witness called the police after seeing a hairy hominid approximately 3 hours before my encounter (near Marriotsville, Maryland, a few miles downstream from my location).

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