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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Did My Brother Encounter EL CHUPACABRA?

A YouTube listener contacted me about a possible chupacabra encounter that his older brother may have experienced while visiting family in Puerto Rico.

I received the following account:

"I listened to your chupacabra YouTube video tonight and thought I would write to you.

I have family in Puerto Rico, so every now and then we'd take a small vacation there to visit family. People still talk about the chupacabra there. Not that stupid wolf/coyote hybrid they found in Texas. The original eyewitness accounts of the creature take on a far more alien description. Kind of makes sense. UFOs have been sighted numerous times flying over the mountains and several people have gone missing up there. Not to mention Puerto Rico had the largest satellite dish, Arecibo, which was made to send communications out into space to hopefully receive messages back from extraterrestrial life.

Anyway, that being said, when I was around 13, I remember staying at my uncle's house for the majority of the stay. We were in the countryside and I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing cows and goats sounding a little anxious. I've always been an animal person. You can quiz me on animals and the sounds they make, even at that age. There was some weird growling noise coming from outside. It wasn't canine or feline. I just couldn't pinpoint it. I was in the second story of the house and it's hot as hell in P.R. even at night, so the window was open, luckily with bars on it. All the houses in P.R. pretty much do.

I got up out of bed and made it halfway to the window to see what the hell was making that noise, but I got the weirdest feeling coming over me. Even when I was little, I wasn't really scared easily, but I had this horrible feeling that nearly made me feel sick. My mind kept telling me not to look outside. I feel like if I had, I would've seen something that would've really messed my mind up for a long time. I'll never forget that night.

But it doesn't end there. My older brother, who was almost 20 at the time, looked kind of spooked. He admitted that he'd snuck out at some point last night to go and explore the fields at night. There are wild horses and cattle out there. Not the smartest idea. Honestly, he could've been gutted by a bull or fallen off a cliff. It's so dark out there at night, that you can't see your own hand in front of your face. He'd had a small flashlight and a machete with him to cut through brush.

He told me he'd heard cattle out there freaking out, just like I had the night before. He didn't want to get trampled to death, so he moved away from them and ended up slipping down into a ditch. It was full of mud and animal bones. He wasn't lying about the place, because he brought me back to the place the next afternoon when it was safer. The place had a large tree growing out of the mud and covered in termite mounds. It was an eerie-looking place. He said that the night before, he thought he heard something in there with him and when he looked at the tree, he said he saw a silhouette of someone hunched over behind the tree and he called to them, but they moved out of view. He went around the tree to see where they went, but no one was there. He said he'd gotten the most sickening feeling in his gut like he'd been being watched and he got the hell out of there. My brother is a pretty brave guy. I've never seen him look so spooked before. Could it have been a chupacabra?" C



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Reports of various humanoids have been increasing. The sightings & encounters vary from alien-like beings to creepy otherworldly manifestations. The high number of reports currently rivals many other paranormal and cryptid phenomena.

During the current flap of winged humanoid sightings around the Chicagoland and Lake Michigan region, there have also been reports of other unknown humanoids, seemingly connected to the Chicago Mothman.

I ask you, what are people observing, not only in Chicago, but worldwide? Are they Earthbound, extraterrestrial, or a continuing enigma that we fail to understand?

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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