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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Creepy Night in the Desert! Group of Friends Woken by PALE CRAWLER HUMANOID!

A group of friends is camping in the desert near Sedona, Arizona when they are suddenly woken by a pale crawler humanoid standing 50 feet from their sleeping bags.

I received the following account:

"Hi, Lon. In 2017 my friends and I went camping in the Arizona desert near Sedona at the end of March. We had fallen asleep. I was just like jolted awake and my response was to immediately pop up and look at my surroundings. And that’s when I saw it standing about 50 feet from our sleeping bags. It was humanoid, skinny, hairless, and pale in color. At first, we were just looking at each other and it was still. For probably a good 30 seconds. Then it started moving in very weird ways. My friends were asleep still at this point.

Then I started tapping my friend trying to wake her up and right about that time one of the guys woke up and jolted up like I did and just looked straight ahead. And he looked for a second and went, “Do you see that?” And the other dude woke up. And my friend I was tapping woke up. Everyone looked at it.

We were like, "What is that. We have to be crazy?" Then it quickly moved away behind the rise. So we just sat there for a minute talking about what we saw.

We looked at our phones (which started out fully charged) to see the time and 2 of our phones were dead. Mine had like 10% (or so) battery charge left which I thought was weird. The other phones was low too. We all figured it had something to do with the weird stuff that happens around Sedona. Possibly vortexes or whatever.

I felt scared because what I was seeing was so odd and unexpected, but I don’t know that I felt threatened by it either. It was more just like you’re minding your own business and then suddenly see a giant spider or snake or something.

But after a few minutes, we started hearing coyote-like sounds around us. It was like a large pack of coyotes had surrounded us in all directions. It was so weird. That’s when we threw all our stuff in the back of the truck and quickly got there. It never really made sense of what we saw. And at the time I didn’t know anything about things like crawlers and other entities like that. So I really didn’t know what to think.

It has always been enjoyable camping in the desert, but now I'm frightened to do so, even with several friends along." L


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Thanks. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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