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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

BIGFOOT Sightings Reported at Several U.S. Military Installations

A series of U.S. military base sightings of Bigfoot are noted by an investigator and then made public to the HowToHunt YouTube channel.

"Fort Drum, New York is located on more than 107,000 acres in the picturesque Thousand Island region of Northern New York State. The base at Fort Drum supports readiness and mission execution for combat-ready forces.

I'm a civilian worker at the Fort Drum facility in New York. I am reporting Bigfoot living at this place. I heard secondhand from a group of Army personnel bracket soldiers here on base and bracket headed out on a run towards Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield. North end of the base they were jogging toward the Black River when they told me they encountered a large monstrosity that was a head and shoulders above the tallest guy on the run. That guy had to look up at the monstrosity and he told us it towered over them like a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was hard to believe it was real. It was a real thing but it crossed Fort Drum Road in two steps and went into the trees like those guys weren't even there.

I don't know what happened after that this is Jefferson County, New York. Two years ago I was privy to a conversation between a non-comm being dressed down and an officer. What I heard was, "Look, son, it didn't happen. Are we clear?" Later the same day I inquired about the kid in the office. What he did, and what he did to get yelled at. He said he saw a 'booger' like they had back home in Alabama. Confused, the kid said with some bit of alarm in his voice, "I know what I saw. But I was told I didn't see it."

In brief, posted on the ATS member's board in May 2005, was this abbreviated and second-hand message concerning a run-in with Bigfoot on Fort Drum.

"I recall back in 1972 learning of how Bigfoot stayed hidden in the dense timber on the Fort Drum Military Reservation near Watertown, New York York. A hunter told me of the experiences he and his son and other hunters had in the uninhabited areas on that military land. I think the creature stays and goes where humans are scarce. His run-in indicated the creatures active at night and use smell to detour other creatures. It's massive in size and strength, cautious, and frightened of humans. It appears to be fairly intelligent but not as human as far as most seem to think. JM C Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, Hattiesburg, Mississippi."

I don't know the Camp Shelby area or how it relates to Mississippi boogers but I can say that in 1996 I filed a note to myself concerning a brief report from an Army tank soldier who said he walked out of a place called "Three Pigs Barbecue" and observed a booger/Bigfoot crossing over the road from behind the cafe to the other side of Southgate Road. The Corporal described the Bigfoot convincingly. The interesting behavior noted was the so-called booger seemingly slammed its foot down with each step in what the soldier described as intentional force like you would if you were trying to get the mud off your boots. Its manner of walking was unusual and extraordinarily odd. In the Camp Shelby region reports from the vicinity of a place called Dogwood Lake were reported in the 1980s but for some reason the rest of my notes were illegible.

Dobbin's Air Force Base, Marietta, Georgia, and March Air Force Base, Riverside County, California. Bigfoot on military installations, "Yes, as a career military man, I also believe that some Bigfoot creatures hold up on isolated parts of military bases in the mid-80s. I was stationed at March Air Force Base for four years. There are some pretty desolate places on and around March. There are still areas in Southern California that border March Air Force Base on I-15 such as Indio, Fontana, Coachella Valley, etc. Even here in Georgia on Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, I know stick and limb markers have been recently seen and detected in some isolated parts."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1U7-dBHxVo

NOTE: I have reported on several Bigfoot sightings at military installations over the years, including Military Veteran Reports SASQUATCH ENCOUNTERS at Nuclear Storage Facility. Lon



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EL CHUPACABRAS - ALIEN or SOMETHING ELSE? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Chupacabras

The legend of El Chupacabras (translated as 'the goat-suckers) began in about 1992, when Puerto Rican newspapers El Vocero and El Nuevo Dia began reporting the killings of many different types of animals, such as birds, horses, and as its name implies, goats. At the time it was known as El Vampiro de Moca since some of the first killings occurred in the small town of Moca. While at first it was suspected that the killings were done randomly by some members of a satanic cult, eventually these killings spread around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. The killings had one pattern in common: each of the animals found dead had two punctured holes around their necks.

Soon after the animal deaths in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States, and, most notably, Mexico.

Both in Puerto Rico and Mexico, El Chupacabra gained urban legend status. Chupacabra stories began to be released several times in American and Hispanic newscasts across the United States.

The chupacabra is generally treated as a product of mass hysteria, though the animal mutilations are real. Like many cases of such mutilations, however, it's been argued that they are often not as mysterious as they might first appear.

Descriptions of the physical appearance of each specimen can resemble descriptions of other specimens or differ from other descriptions. Although they have different appearances, El Chupacabras are typically 3 feet or taller, they are roughly humanoid in shape as they are bipedal with 2 arms and are described as otherworldly creatures.

So, are El Chupacabras an alien entity, or are they something else? Listen to the accounts and form your opinions.


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