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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Was the Old Woman's Story True? 'ALIEN GREY' STATUES & ROSWELL

A satellite dish installer relates a strange account about an encounter with a woman while installing service. There were 'alien Grey' statues throughout the house, and she had an interesting story!

I received the following account:

“I thought I would share my own story. This did not personally happen to me, for all I know it could be totally made up. But it was so crazy it just might be real! Back in mid-2011, I was working a temporary job as a Data Collector, at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. I am a former military service member and my qualifications landed me the job. Anyway, my job was fairly simple. I would document technical data on new communications equipment being field tested by the Army's Operational Test Command (OTC). One of the technicians who worked with me was also a Field Technician for DirectTV or Dish. We would work long hours alongside the OTC staff and became good friends. Working long hours out in the middle of nowhere, story-telling became a good way to kill time.

On one particular occasion, he shared a very strange story. He recounted working with the satellite provider out of Deming, New Mexico - a small town, west of El Paso, Texas. One day, a call came in about a service installation within his area of responsibility. He was assigned a partner and they both drove out to the property to install the service. The property was a ranch house on the outskirts of the Luna County line, a good driving distance from Deming, NM. When they arrived at the property, they called the owner to inform her that they were at the entrance to her gate. A few minutes later, the owner, an older woman in her 70s or 80s, drove up to open the gate for them. They introduced themselves and proceeded to follow her back to her home. Along the way, he said, he noticed a lot of strange sculptures lining the dirt road. The sculptures were made of sheet metal, aluminum, and wood. He said they looked like huge wind chimes, windmills, and other odd forms. What struck him was the size and complexity. Upon arriving at the house, they got to work. Everything seems normal about the property aside from the sculptures.

After an hour or two of working out in the hot New Mexican heat, he and his partner took a break. The old woman came outside and gave them some water and was very friendly. The old woman was very excited about her new service, she told the men her husband had passed away a few years back and she could use the entertainment since she lived by herself. After installing the dish on the roof the techs asked permission to enter the house to set up the receiver and run the wires. The old woman was a bit hesitant but agreed to let them in the house. Once inside the home, my friend said both of them became startled. Inside the home were dozens of concrete 'alien' statues. Yes, aliens, Greys to be exact. They were lifelike, had limbs, fingers, eyes, and mouths, and he could see wrinkles, and scars, too precise to be molds or copies. They were everywhere, in the hallway, in the kitchen. No two were the same! They were different sizes, some taller than others. There was no reason or rhyme to them. Some were staring at the wall. Some were in the way. Just strange. He remembered thinking, who the hell put all these statues here? Surely, the old woman couldn’t have done that. Nonetheless, the men got to work and decided to keep their thoughts to themselves.

A short time later, the woman broke the ice by talking about the concrete statues. She stated, that her husband was an 'engineer' with/at US Air Force in Roswell, NM. In mid-1947 an alien craft crashed at a ranch there. She said her husband not only worked at the alien crash site but had PROOF! He said the old woman shared her late husband's personal photo album. It contained typical photos you would expect to see. Wedding pictures, and family portraits, but it turned strange when they saw old pictures of alien remains and of the wreckage, almost evidence-like, with measurements. CSI-type stuff. He could not believe it! He surely thought this lady was insane or clearly pranking them. The woman went on to explain, that government officials and engineers were able to decipher messages and symbols etched into the spaceship. Her husband became obsessed with them. She said her husband along with others were able to decipher that the 'origins of humanity were at the edge of the Moon.' Whatever that meant. She went on to say that was the reason behind the space race with the Soviet Union. That NASA's missions were some sort of cover-up, the real reason Americans went to the Moon was to validate the evidence they had found in Roswell, NM. She explained that after her husband retired, he was convinced that the origins of humanity were not at the edge of the Moon, but at the edge of Luna County. 'Luna' means moon in Spanish. Her husband and she bought a few acres of land at the edge of the county line and he continued to search for answers and build those strange sculptures until his death. The old woman said that after her husband passed, she became depressed and very ill and could not continue her husband's work.

It was at that time that the 'Greys' started manifesting. At first, it was one, then two. Sometimes they would go weeks without appearing. But over the months and eventually years, they started manifesting in the dozens. She used the term "manifest" meaning they would just materialize in and out of space and time. She said they were nocturnal beings and hated the daylight. During the night they would manifest and keep her company, using telepathy to communicate with her. She said they cured her illness and depression and became very fond of her. She would spend long hours at night talking about humanity, our imperfections, and our destructive nature. She went on to explain that because they were nocturnal, during the day they would sleep or hibernate by turning to stone...as a way to protect their bodies from the sunlight. That is why she needed satellite service! Because during the day she had nobody to keep her company and she would get bored!

My friend remembered experiencing strange feelings of being watched by the statues and experiencing the so-called fun house effect. Becoming disoriented at times. They completed the work and showed the old woman her new satellite service. She was elated! She thanked them for their service and just like that, it was over. The drive back to Deming was quiet. Who would believe them? Did they see what they thought they did? Was it an elaborate hoax by an old woman? They ended up sharing the story with those who were crazy enough to listen to it. When he shared his story with me I was dumbfounded. Such a crazy story! Again, not my experience, simply a story that my friend shared with me. Real? maybe, I don't know.” G

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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