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Wednesday, April 10, 2024


A Williamsburg, Virginia man describes an interesting experience with an unknown craft, two humanoids, and missing time.

The following account was forwarded to me:

“March 16, 1965: At approximately 6:00 P.M., CST. I was standing in our yard near the porch in front of our house near Williamsburg, Virginia when I noticed a strange-looking craft about a half-mile away approaching from slightly south of the east. Aircraft followed a regular route north and south, but virtually never flew east and west. This craft appeared to consist of one or more rectangular metal boxes stacked upon one another in the center with smaller rectangular metal boxes abutting it on each side. It had no wings. That is the way it looked head-on as it flew towards me. The only sound it made was a gentle swishing sound similar to that of grouse gliding through the air.

When it got closer I noticed that this craft appeared to be made of brushed stainless steel with a slightly reddish glint. The sun had not yet set. No lights, no moving parts, no emissions. It was about two and a half times the size of an automobile. The front sloped downwards from the top, two-thirds of the way down to the bottom, similar to early 1990s Ford minivans. Glass extended from halfway up to within an eighth of the way to the top.

At the time this craft did not appear to be saucer-shaped, because I was viewing it head-on with the play of light and a slightly rocking motion making it look like rectangular boxes pressed together and piled upon one another. I retained a distinct impression of its sharp angular design, especially of the seam that separated the side from the front, with no attempt at softening its features, as if it were a prototype. My mother was at the clothesline about 200 feet away.

Two humanoids/men dressed in white uniforms were standing inside the craft and were on the side nearest to me about midway between the front and the back in a narrow corridor that seemed to go all the way around the craft behind which was a bulkhead that reached the roof so that you could not see all the way through to the other side. Their uniforms were like those worn by American military officers, plain white tunics without any insignia and they were not wearing caps. I was left with the distinct impression of them resembling fine-featured Englishmen. The attention of one man who seemed to be operating controls at a console that was hidden from view beneath the level of the window was directed downwards while the other man looked outside. The craft flew at an altitude of about 400 feet. The man looking out the window drew the other man’s attention to my mother who was hanging clothes at the clothesline. The craft came to a virtual stop as they gazed at her when one of the men spotted me watching them, reacted like he was startled, alerted the other man and the craft sped off at high speed beyond a grove of trees and was soon out of sight. That this happened two days before the first space walk on March 18, 1965, enables me to establish the date.

Footnotes: The aftermath: My mother was adamant that what she saw was a satellite passing overhead and each attempt to convince her that this was not a satellite because satellites traveled many miles above the earth proved futile. She also denied seeing men inside the craft. My sister demanded to know where we had been, as she had twice come outside looking for us, (including checking the barn) to call us in for dinner, but that we had disappeared for about 20 minutes and were nowhere to be found, while I was adamant that I had been standing right in front of the house all that time. While I retained a distinct impression of this vehicle NOT being saucer-shaped, in retrospect it appears illogical that the two men should be positioned and steering the craft from the side and not at the front unless it was saucer-shaped and what appeared to be the side was actually the front that was now turned towards me. Due to the oblique angle at which surfaces were struck by sunlight a disk made up of rectangular pieces of metal joined together would appear to be rectangles due to variation in surface with the slightest change in position. But if it was saucer-shaped why was there a seam dividing the side from the front? What appeared to be the side joining the front at a right angle might be due to lighting making the surfaces seem to be flat, as the front facing the sun was lit up brighter than the side that was facing me.

My conclusion that might not be correct is that it was not saucer-shaped. I recently became aware when my hair was clipped down to the scalp that I have deep scars of unknown origin on top of fissures in my skull that form two 5” flattened, inverted Vs on the side near the back of my head. It happened precisely as I described with no reason to make up a story (and for that matter I do not wish anyone to know who I am). That was more than fifty years ago. When I tried to tell others what I had seen I was met with disbelief and did not bring up the matter again until about a year ago. I did not think of the craft as extra-terrestrial or as even a flying saucer.

This was near the beginning of an era of new technology that included transistors and ventures into space. (TVs still used tubes). As I stated, it appeared to be a prototype with no attempt made to soften its features, particularly the sharp angle between the vertical side and the horizontally sloping front. The part in my footnote about my sister saying that she had twice come out to call us in for dinner, but that we had gone somewhere for about 20 minutes, I simply dismissed due to a careless glance outside (as I was actually standing about 20 ft. S/W of the door) even though she had been clear that she had looked all over for us, but we were nowhere to be found. I am not brave enough to undergo hypnosis, but it would be interesting if she did if she had a memory of what happened during the missing time that was prevented from surfacing. That was my only experience with nothing unusual before or since that time.

I will add this. During a medical examination for employment when I had completed university it was discovered that I had a section missing (a cyst) in my right kidney. At that time I could also feel a pea-sized "pinch" to the left of my heart that vanished a few years later. But I have no reason to believe that these have any connection to the event. About two decades ago when I returned from the hospital my broken jaw was wired together, a few days later I experienced a loss of consciousness that was like going under and asked my doctor if that was due to residual gas in my lungs. In the blink of an eye, the room was uncomfortably hot, and in the next instant, it was cold, and eight hours later. (I cannot recall the medical term the doctor used to describe the incident). Yet, strangely, I seemed to think that this episode was not connected to the operation. Less than half a year ago I had my barber clip my hair down to the scalp and was shocked when he held the mirror behind my head and I saw for the first time two scar-covered fissures on the side near the back of my head that were previously hidden under the hair." U


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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