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Friday, April 05, 2024

Possible RED-EYED MOTHMAN Encountered by Law Enforcement in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

A group of New York law enforcement officers were traveling through Clearfield County, PA when they encountered a red-eyed winged humanoid on the highway.

I received the following account:

"Hello, sir. First off, I've been a New York State Trooper for 23 years. My story happened off-duty. I've seen plenty of weird stuff while on the road. Lots of it is people mostly.

The weirdest one I saw was in the summer of 2023 on my way back from a conference in Virginia to Buffalo, NY. I had 4 guys, all law enforcement, with me in my SUV. We were traveling in Pennsylvania, on the crazy 219/322/80 route, probably near Dubois/Clearfield. If you don't know the route, it's highways mixed with local country roads, but roads you're driving 65 MPH on. And still in the middle of nowhere.

It was late, maybe midnight or 1 am, and just me and another guy in the backseat were awake. I was driving with the houses on my right, and woods on the left, in the middle of a heavily wooded area. There are no streetlights, so it's pitch black except for my headlights. I saw this enormous figure swoop over the car about 10 feet up. I caught enough of it in the headlights that it looked humanoid and had a brown hairy body, but the wings and size were massive. Not like a bird, but like a giant bat or a flying dog, if the dog was a mastiff/short hair. And the eyes were red.

I saw it, and my brain registered it. And I looked around and couldn't see any more, because I was going fast enough. As I looked around, I just heard my friend's voice really calmly from the back say, "I saw it too."

I just got a chill and kept driving but we didn't say anything more until we got home. One of my friends later told me that it was probably the Mothman, and I'd have to say that that could probably be the closest thing. I saw something that WASN'T a bird, and my friend saw it too.

So now when I drive through the no-man's land of Pennsylvania, I keep an eye out for whatever the hell that thing was." HW

NOTE: I'm attempting to gather more information. Lon


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ALIEN THREAT: FLORIDA'S GULF COAST | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Aliens #Florida

I feel that intelligent non-human species reside on planet Earth. I have not recognized these alien species living among us, but I believe this theory is entirely possible.

In the summer of 2008, I started talking to David Eckhart who was a proclaimed experiencer. He lived in a large home in a wooded area near Pensacola, Florida that he described as his 'dream home.' The house had a beautiful wood interior with cathedral ceilings and lots of room for his family. David was a successful carpenter and contractor who wanted nothing more than to reap the rewards of years of hard work and enjoy life.

But, for some unknown reason, he and his family were chosen to witness a world within our own. In our first conversation, David repeated a story he had previously told other people, including NUFORC and MUFON investigators. I had heard similar scenarios in the past, but there was something different about David's saga, which struck a chord in me.

Over the past 15 years, I have been privy to videos, audio, screencaps, and other evidence that David has provided to me. His incredible story of countless abductions and home invasions by these beings has been presented in several radio interviews. As well, I have uploaded videos and photographs to my blog to gauge the reaction of the paranormal community. Overall, the reception has been somewhat mixed, but that was expected.

So, David put his faith in me and I did the same with him and we waited. I had decided not to post further details of David's encounters and evidence, to back off, to wait and see what happens. Well, as a result of the research, David's story has been told through multiple media interviews and presented on several television programs. I wrote an entire chapter about David's saga in my book ' Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality.'

But David's ordeal is only one of many alien encounters and abduction accounts that have originated on Florida's Gulf Coast. So, please listen to the following accounts I have received from witnesses who recall their encounters, and then decide for yourself. I hope that you enjoy the presentation.



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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