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"My child saw a creature resembling a friend calling them to the field before they were struck by hysteria," said the mother of two students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Batu Kikir, Batu Kikir, who was struck by hysteria last Sunday.

The mother, who preferred not to be named, said that the incident was recounted by her two daughters.

The woman in her 40s said that her daughter did not recall the actual event, but when semi-conscious, she mentioned seeing a creature resembling her friend at the same location and calling her to the school field.

"At first, her friend screamed, then it spread to others, including my daughter, before each began to cry. Some suddenly vomited.

"Fortunately, her friend managed to hold her back from going to the field, and the situation was somewhat controlled with the help of teachers there.

"Medical practitioners (spiritual) also came to assist but to prevent the situation from worsening, the children were allowed to return home," she said on Wednesday. Read more at 'Creature resembling friend called them to the field before hysteria attack'


CICADAS on the Menu

As the nation prepares for trillions of red-eyed bugs known as periodical cicadas to emerge, it’s worth noting that they’re not just annoying, noisy pests — if prepared properly, they can also be tasty to eat.

Blocks away from such French Quarter fine-dining stalwarts as Antoine’s and Brennan’s, the Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans has long served up an array of alternative, insect-based treats at its “Bug Appetit” cafe overlooking the Mississippi River. “Cinnamon Bug Crunch,” chili-fried waxworms, and crispy, cajun-spiced crickets are among the menu items. Read more at New Orleans Restaurant Puts Cicada Salad On Menu


KILLER RAM Attacked Couple

A ram believed to be responsible for killing an elderly couple has been shot dead by New Zealand police.

The pair, in their 80s, were found dead by their son in a paddock attached to their home in Waitakere, rural West Auckland, the New Zealand Herald reported.

He had grown concerned after not hearing from them in the morning, a family spokesperson said.

Police attended the scene at 7.30am local time and confirmed the ram was in the paddock at the time of their visit.

The country's force said in a statement: "Another party at the scene suffered a minor injury after being attacked by this ram."

It added that its officers were "confronted and approached" by the ram.

After assessing the situation, they shot the ram dead. Read more at New Zealand: Ram killed by police after elderly couple found dead in paddock at their home near Auckland


WENDIGO MYTHOLOGY - WHAT ARE THEY? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Wendigo #Cannibal

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DOPPELGÄNGERS: SHOULD WE FEAR THEM? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Doppelgänger

Have you ever met someone who looked just like you? Perhaps you’ve walked up to a person you thought you knew only to find they were a stranger. If so, you may have met a real-life doppelgänger.

What is a doppelgänger? The word comes from German meaning “double goer.” Today, it’s often used to describe two strangers who look so much alike they could be twins. Seeing a doppelgänger can be startling. That’s true whether it’s a person who looks just like you or someone who could be your friend’s twin. It’s no wonder, then, that doppelgängers are also common in frightening stories.

Many times, a doppelgänger is the double of another character. They are like the character in many ways, most often in looks. However, the things that make them different are more important. The doppelgänger often differs from the main character in the values they hold. This results in them making choices that lead them down a different path. For example, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. In this story, both characters share the same body. However, they are opposites, with Dr. Jekyll representing good and Mr. Hyde evil.

There is also a historical attribute to this phenomenon. President Abraham Lincoln supposedly saw his doppelgänger when he saw two faces in the mirror on the night of his first election in 1860. The second face was pale and sickly, which his wife, Mary, interpreted as a sign of death or sickness during his second term. Only a few months after his second election, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

So, what do you think a doppelgänger represents? Listen to these accounts and form your opinion.


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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