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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

PHANTOMS & MONSTERS NEWS: REVEALED - Government UFO Recovery Program - Pentagon UFO Cover-Up? - FORTUNE-TELLERS Get Forced Labor


REVEALED - Government UFO Recovery Program

In a bizarre turn of events, new documents show discussions between senior members of the US administration about UFO recovery.

The exchanges involve former Deputy Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon, former director of the Pentagon's UFO study group Sean Kirkpatrick, and a high-ranking US administration official.

In a conversation made public by himself after validation by the Department of Defense, Christopher Mellon exchanges words with said official, whose name has been redacted. Read more at Discussions between US officials point to the existence of a UFO recovery programme


Pentagon UFO Cover-Up?

A newly released report by the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) - the Pentagon unit tasked with investigating UFO encounters and historical government activities related to the topic - explains away with "moderate confidence" an extraordinary encounter between an Air Force fighter pilot and a bizarre craft — a slowly moving or stationary object that had a strange infrared signature and resembled an "Apollo spacecraft." The incident took place over the Gulf of Mexico last year. You can read our previous report about the incident here.

The unclassified version of those findings, released Wednesday, included previously unreleased sensor imagery captured by the Eglin-based fighter pilot during the encounter. That data led investigators to conclude the object seen on Jan. 26, 2023, was most likely a stray "lighting balloon."

“Through the onboard radar system, the pilot initially observed that the four objects were aloft between 16,000 – 18,000 feet and appeared to be flying in formation," according to the report. "However the pilot observed only one of the four objects visually and captured two images of the single object via the aircraft’s electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor.” Read more at Eglin AFB Pilot Likely Saw A Lighting Balloon, Not A UFO Pentagon Concludes



The authorities in Tajikistan plan to introduce punishment in the form of compulsory labor for up to six months for those involved in fortune-telling, sorcery, or witchcraft.

“On the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, inspection and preventive work are continuing to prevent violations related to non-compliance with the requirements of the Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, ‘On the Ordering of Traditions, Celebrations, and Rites,’ ‘On the Responsibility of Parents for the Education and Upbringing of Children,’ ‘On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations,’ and others. In this context, control is exercised over persons practicing witchcraft, illegal religious teachings, Mullo, distributing talismans and amulets, and a single register has been introduced for such persons,” the Interior Ministry said in an official statement.

Police stated that such violations of the law will be punished more severely in the future, with the republic’s Interior Ministry considering people engaged in various “occult” businesses as fraudsters. “Persons earning a living by fraud (witchcraft, fortune-telling, distribution of talismans and amulets, illegal religious instruction) are [to be] punished with forced labor for up to six months,” the law enforcement agency stressed. Read more at Tajikistan Takes Steps to Punish Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers


DOPPELGÄNGERS: SHOULD WE FEAR THEM? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Doppelgänger

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WEREWOLVES: DO THEY EXIST? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Werewolves #Shapeshifters

What is a Werewolf? In European folklore, it is a human who turns into a wolf at night and devours animals, people, or corpses but returns to human form by day. It is said that some werewolves change shape at will; others, in whom the condition is hereditary or acquired by having been bitten by a werewolf, change shape involuntarily, and under the influence of a full moon.

In French folklore, the werewolf is called Loup-Garou. France was particularly afflicted with reports of them in the 16th century, and there were many notable convictions and executions of Loups-Garous.

The werewolf phenomenon may have a medical explanation. Take Peter the Wild Boy, for instance. In 1725, he was found wandering naked on all fours through a German forest. Many thought he was a werewolf or at least raised by wolves. Research has shown Peter likely had Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, a condition discovered in 1978 that causes a lack of speech, seizures, distinct facial features, difficulty breathing, and intellectual challenges.

The rare psychiatric condition that causes people to believe they’re changing into a wolf or another animal is called Lycanthropy.

Throughout the centuries, people have used werewolves and other mythic beasts to explain the unexplained. In modern times, however, most believe werewolves are nothing more than pop culture horror icons, made famous thanks to Hollywood’s versions of the Wolf Man, who was portrayed by my namesake Lon Chaney, Jr. Still, werewolves have a cult following. There are sightings reported each year, as evidence of what I am presenting to you.

So, is the Werewolf more than just a legend? What are people reporting? Listen to these accounts and form your opinion.




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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