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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

PHANTOMS & MONSTERS NEWS: NASA Confirms ISS Debris Crashed Into Home - PANTHER Recorded in Worcester, UK? - TAROT READING Predicted $500,000 Lottery Prize


NASA Confirms ISS Debris Crashed Into Home

An object that crashed from the sky into an American man's home was a hunk of debris ejected from the International Space Station, NASA confirmed Monday.

The strange tale came to light last month when Alejandro Otero of Naples, Florida posted on X that a metallic item "tore through the roof and went (through) 2 floors" of his house, almost striking his son, on March 8.

It occurred at a time and location that closely matched official predictions for the atmospheric burn-up of a cargo pallet fragment carrying old batteries that were jettisoned from the orbital outpost in 2021, making it a likely match, according to space watchers. Continue reading at NASA confirms space station debris hit Florida man's home


PANTHER Recorded in Worcester, UK?

Video footage shows a motorist’s alleged sighting of a ‘panther-like’ big cat in the UK.

Geoff Thompson, 37, had pulled over in a layby on a country lane to take photographs of his beloved classic car, a Renault 10 when he noticed something in the distance.

Geoff says he saw a large feline shape lurking in a field behind the car on April 14 and then found its prints. Geoff, of Worcester, said: “I just went out for a sunny drive - I noticed it as I started photographing my car. I think it was a panther.” Continue reading at Mysterious feline caught on camera roaming through field - could it be a panther in England?


TAROT READING Predicted $500,000 Lottery Prize

A Michigan woman said a tarot card reading correctly predicted she would win a $500,000 lottery prize later that same day.

The 59-year-old Genesee County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she was on her way to the tarot card reading when she stopped at the BP gas station on West Thompson Road in Fenton to buy some scratch-off tickets.

"During my tarot reading, I was told money would be coming into my life very soon. I tried to think of ways this might happen, but I didn't even think about the lottery tickets in my purse," the player recalled. Continue reading at Tarot card reading predicts Michigan woman's $500,000 lottery win


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WENDIGO MYTHOLOGY - WHAT ARE THEY? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Wendigo #Cannibal

The wendigo has been misappropriated from its original context in Algonquin folklore. The word "Wendigo" roughly means “The Evil Spirit Who Devours Mankind.” Originally it was depicted as a cannibal ice giant and cautionary tale relevant to the realities of Algonquin life. Euro-American popular culture mutilated it into what may only be described as a "zombie-were-deer."

First, the Algonquin monster has relevance to their traditional way of life. Their culture was reliant on teamwork, so selfishness is a deadly sin to them, and the wendigo is the ultimate embodiment of that.

Secondly, wendigo psychosis is a real mental illness and was historically used as a justification to destroy the Algonquin culture. There are written accounts in the last two centuries of people suffering from this illness being murdered by their peers.

So then, how was the Wendigo tale altered? This goes back over a century to Algernon Blackwood's story "The Wendigo." The story does not depict a Wendigo but seems to get it confused with the Inuit (not Algonquin) creature Ijiraq and possibly the Tariaksuq. In the story, the monster burns away a victim's feet with friction, while in myth the Ijiraq is sometimes described as stripping the flesh off its victim's shins and if it survives then it becomes a faster runner. The Ijiraq is otherwise described as a trickster who kidnaps children or lures hunters by pretending to be caribou. So, it is easy to assume Blackwood read about the Ijiraq and then twisted the details for his own story.

Now Euro-American popular culture takes the name of an Algonquin cannibal ice giant and applies it to a zombie-were-deer; it has been utterly stripped of its original context and symbolism. I doubt there will ever be much push-back against the zombie-wear-deer version since it has been burned into popular culture at this point.

Now, that being stated, I'm going to present several modern-day accounts that some of the witnesses described as the ‘Wendigo.' Then you can determine what the creature in the report is. Is it an original folktale of the cannibal ice giant or something a bit more contemporary?


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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