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Saturday, April 20, 2024

'MICHIGAN DOGMAN' ENCOUNTER STORY Convinces Man That These Cryptid Canines Do Exist!

Michigan Dogman encounter story convinces the man that the account is true and that these creatures do exist in the Upper Peninsula. What do you believe?

I received the following account:

"I was told about this incident many years ago. A group of 4 men in Michigan's Upper Penisula were going camping/fishing at night. They were avid outdoorsmen. Big and buff men who matched the lumberjack aesthetic. They live outdoors in the boonies and always have.

Their families stayed behind at camp that night while the men took their jon boat out to catch the next day's meals. They get pretty far from their families when they decide to pull off on a shoreline. It's pitch dark outside while they're setting up their chairs and lights.

As they are setting up they start hearing something pacing the treeline behind them. They shine their lights and catch red eye-shine watching them. They're a little weary of this but continue setting up. They've seen just about every predator there is out there, they're alert but they aren't scared.

They continue getting their gear ready when they start to hear growling from the other side of the tree line. They shine their lights and there's a second pair of red eyes. Now they're unsettled and begin to pack their stuff up. One of them stays up as a watch and keeps their lights between the two animals in the woods. By this point, both the animals are growling and making huffing noises. They're almost done packing the gear they have when a massive rock flies over their heads and into the water. Now they're really put off and start throwing things in the boat.

They have about half of the stuff in the boat when one man screams and points to the tree line. They described the creature as being inhumanly tall, covered in hair, very muscular or just broad and big, and having a face more like a wolf. The creature is now screaming at them as it's slowly advancing towards them. The men are horrified and ditch their remaining gear. 

When they manage to get the boat out into the water they all shine their lights back to the shore and can see the rough shape of now two creatures both the same in shape and height. The men who are telling this story are literally sobbing and struggling to get their words out. They get back to their families at camp and immediately order everyone to start packing up. They don't tell their families why but they can obviously tell something is seriously wrong.

This is obviously a Michigan Dogman story. These men were so scared of something out there they went as far as to move to the suburbs/cities. They were so scared their own homes didn't feel safe anymore and they never went camping again. The fact that these families were raised outdoors and these men spent 99% of their lives out there living off fish they caught or animals they hunted made this very believable to me. They were crying and shaking while telling this story.

I'm not at all saying men can't cry but big macho lumberjack-looking men all crying in front of each other and barely being able to get the whole story out was enough for me to believe them. I don't know what they saw but I believe they definitely encountered something." W

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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