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Saturday, April 27, 2024

LITTLE HUMANOID Experiences From Southeastern Maine

The writer recalls two incidents involving 'little humanoids' One was from his father, and the other was an experience told by an old man. What were these beings?

I received the following accounts:

"This first story is from my father. During one particular summer, my father - who had been toiling out in the yard - had decided to come inside to get away from the heat and take a little break. He said he went into his bedroom and laid down on the mattress on his back, looking up at the ceiling. After some time, just enjoying the silence and the warm buzz of the empty room, he heard the sound of paper rustling softly to his side. Thinking perhaps it was a mouse, he turned his head very slowly (careful not to scare it away) and was startled to see a small humanoid figure rummaging through some newspaper that was near my parents' dresser. He said it was a little person, and that it was dressed in dark brown rags.

My father recalled watching it for a few seconds in disbelief, and that was when the figure stopped dead in its tracks as if it suddenly realized that it had been noticed. At that moment, he said it turned quickly and walked through the wall, vanishing. As soon as it disappeared, he jumped up off the bed to search the spot the figure had just occupied, even feeling at the wall where it had gone through. But there was nothing there. If you've ever seen the film "Cat's Eye" (based off of a collection of Stephen King stories) my father claims that the little person he saw closely resembled the little creature that was living in the little girl's room. I'm in my mid-thirties, and to this day he still stands by what he saw.

My second story - to piggyback off the first one - also took place when I was a child. This is a story within a story.

My family owns the property in southeastern Maine we mainly use for hunting. It's on the edge of the town where I grew up, and apart from the acre we've cleared out to feed deer, the rest is all thick brush. When I was little, my father bought the property from another family, and once, while they were negotiating prices, etc. he heard a strange story from the buyer's grandfather. Now, the old man had grown up in the area and used to love talking about his boyhood adventures on the property. All innocent stories, except one time, the old man related a strange incident that happened to him one early morning when he was very small.

A large creek used to run through the property. Today, it's nothing more than a dried-out ravine, but when the old man was a child it was full and had fish in it.

The old man said that one early morning, he had come out to the property to do some fishing. As he approached the creek, he was startled to hear hushed voices. Creeping quietly to see who it might be, he said he found himself looking at two small people standing by the water's edge. The figures appeared to be no bigger than a foot and were dressed in dark green and brown clothing. The voices that he had heard belonged to these two people and although he couldn't tell what they were talking about, he remembered feeling that it was something serious. Then, he remembers that one of them whistled (like a bird) and to his astonishment, a whole group of these beings clamored out of a dead nearby fallen tree. The old man said he watched as they gathered and walked in file down the bank, disappearing where the creek bent and went in another direction. Of course, when he got up to find them there was no trace of them. The old man told my father that he had tried going early again several times hoping to see them again, but he never did." J

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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