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Thursday, March 21, 2024

WHISTLING BLUE-EYED, CHILD-LIKE, HUMANOID Encountered by New Mexico Patrol Officers

2 New Mexico patrol officers investigate a strange whistling coming from the nearby trees in an area where they regularly congregate. They see a child-like humanoid, but then it suddenly vanishes.

I received the following account:

"Hello, sir. I’m a patrol officer in north-central New Mexico. My partner and I park our patrol vehicles at the bottom of a long dirt road that leads to an abandoned school. We only do this on the night shift when it starts to get slow around 1:00 AM. It’s a relatively safe place for us to catch up on paperwork.

We have had several odd experiences there, from strange lights that maneuver quickly in the woods, to possible UFO sightings. We even found a body down there years ago that still has not been identified. But that’s not even the most terrifying.

This was in October of 2020 at around 2:00 AM. It was a dead night, and crime was low that time of year partly because of COVID-19 and partly because it was cold. We had parked our vehicles side by side, facing opposite directions so that the driver's side windows lined up. This is common in our line of work. My partner gets dispatched to a noise complaint and leaves. I use this time to step out and relieve my bladder. As I’m standing outside I hear a whistle in the woods across the abandoned school grounds. These woods are roughly 100 yards from where I am parked. The whistle was a tune like it came from a human mouth, and it was oddly loud. We do have a homeless problem in my town, but not in the area I patrol. I assume a homeless person who must’ve wandered their way to the south side of the town. I get back in my car and roll my window up, anxiously awaiting my partner's return.

My partner returns after about 20 minutes. I tell him the story and we move on to other topics. I’m a believer in the paranormal, but he is a skeptic. Within about 30 minutes, he decides that he needs to relieve himself. So he steps out and walks to the rear of his patrol car. He’s back there for roughly 5 seconds, and boom, we hear it again. A loud whistle to the tune of a slow song. The whistle lasts for maybe 10 seconds. He walks back to my window and his face is a pale milky white.

So, as cops do, we decided to investigate. We grab our flashlights and start walking slowly through the field. That grass is up to our waist. We get to about halfway in the field when we hear it again, but this time it sounds like it’s coming from our right side, where the school is. As we are standing there with our flashlights shining on the school, we begin to see the grass start to move. There is no wind, and the grass is not moving around us. It looks like something is crawling in the field. The grass is moving slowly, in a straight path towards us.

We begin walking towards the movement. At this point, we both have our hands on our firearms. The air is eerily still, and you could see our breath from the cold. I can tell that my partner is uneasy. We are walking very slowly and quietly. As we get about 20 feet away from the moving grass, it stops. Then we hear the whistle coming from exactly where our flashlights are shining on the now-still grass.

We are frozen in fear, we are too scared to speak to each other. It feels like minutes pass but was probably only a few seconds. I go to take a step forward and all of a sudden the grass starts to move again. This time away from us towards the wood line. Only this time it’s fast, too fast for us to run after. So we just stand and watch. We watch as the moving grass reaches the woods. We both have our flashlights focused on it. And again, the whistle. Coming from the woods where the grass just stopped moving. Only this time, the whistle is quiet. This is the part that shocks us.

We are now shining our flashlights into the woods, there are several large trees in our view. This thing stands up. It looked like a child, but not? It’s hard to explain, but it was humanoid in form and it had illuminated blue eyes. Despite our flashlights shining directly onto the figure it seemed clouded in darkness. Before we could even call out, it stepped behind a tree and was gone. We gathered up the courage to go after it. As we get to the tree, there is nothing. No footprints, no leaves crunching like you would expect to hear in autumn. It was like it vanished into nothing.

We spent the next hour checking reports for missing children in the area, and we could find nothing. The creepiest part is that it must’ve been running on all fours when it was in the grass. We have a children’s Psychiatric Hospital in the town but they had no reports of escapees.

To this day we cannot explain it. And to this day we continue to park there. 3 years have passed and we never had another experience like that. But my partner is now a believer. And everyone in the department thinks we are crazy." K


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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