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Saturday, March 02, 2024

UPRIGHT CANINE Chases Witnesses Near Danbury, Wisconsin

Two young men encounter an upright canine while at their family cabin in northwest Wisconsin. The incident left one of the witnesses wary of the woods.

"My sighting occurred southeast of our cabin near Danbury, Wisconsin. The cryptid was very wolf-like and it definitely was not a bear. As well as I'm pretty sure wolves don't run upright. So I was 17 at the time. It was mid-summer and we were at our cabin in northwest Wisconsin. I was with my cousin and grandparents for the weekend. I brought along my Airsoft gear.

So I and my cousin are in a mid-Airsoft battle (I took it more seriously than him). I was decked out in full BDU Woodland camo, including the shemagh. I retreated into the forest for better tactical advantage.

So the way our land was set up is there is a trail that cuts around the border of the almost acre of owned forest. Our skirmish took us about 200 meters into the woods going up the right trail. So I'm a huge outdoorsman. I was introduced to hunting and survival training as well as firearms at a young age. I also had been practicing MMA for a few years at that point. The point is I'm not easily scared, and I'm comfortable in the wild. Now I'm 25 and have even more training. I respect the wild a lot more now. I was cocky back then.

Anyway here is where things get strange. Our battle had ended and we were standing at the edge of a slightly clearer area of forest and just talking. On the other side of the clearing is a hill that goes down to a small pond. Animals are a common sight around there as it's a watering hole. Now as any experienced outdoorsman will know most small animals will go about their business even when humans are around, birds will still chirp and whatnot. But when a big predator is around the forest goes dead quiet. So me and my cousin are talking and I decided to freak him out. so I shushed him and whispered, "We're being watched." He got quiet. Then I realized that it was dead quiet, not even birds chirping anymore. Then I got "that feeling." You know, when you feel like you are being watched.

I went into hunter mode at this point and started scanning the clearing. I went from right to left then back. On the second look through I saw it. Its teeth are what gave it away as they contrasted with the background. Once I focused on it I noticed a canid appearance in the head. It had dark reddish brown hair/fur. Where it gets even stranger is it was leaning on a tree and had its front left arm gripping the tree. It appeared to have claws, and it was panting and staring in our direction with its ears up listening while kneeling or crouching. I recognized it as a threat, as a predator immediately.

Now this all happened in the span of maybe 10 seconds before I said to my cousin "we have to go." He was a faster runner than me. When I said that I was still watching the animal, my cousin took off. When he ran, the animal raised up and ran towards us. It took a good 3 steps on 2 legs before I started to run (as I was turning to run it appeared to have possibly been going to all fours). I got to the fork in the trail to find my cousin waiting. I yelled "Go go go go go!"...and we ran back to the cabin. While running out I could hear it crashing through the woods behind me, but it didn't follow beyond the treeline.

At the time I thought it had the intention to do harm, but now that I look back on it, I think it was just being either territorial or it was a bluff charge. Most animals can easily outrun humans on foot. If it really wanted one of us it would've got us. I have tried to explain it away as being a bear or a big wolf, but what I saw just does not add up. It just wasn't a known animal. I'm still stumped by it.

I was recently added to a group of people who have had similar sightings. They say mine falls in line with other sightings. They believe it to be a "Dogman" which I think is the cheesiest name they could have chosen, but I admit that what I saw is very similar if not the same as what others have claimed to see. I have different theories regarding the creature though.

I am normally very skeptical. However, I know that what I saw was not normal, and I am less skeptical than I used to be now. I am still nervous about the forests. I don't go into the woods alone or unarmed anymore. I'm not scared of any man but I certainly don't want to see anything that looks like a werewolf again. By the way, all of this happened in broad daylight if it wasn't clear." T


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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