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Friday, March 29, 2024

Texas Paranormal Team Member Now Wonders, 'AM I GOING CRAZY?'

A former paranormal investigation team member contacted me regarding activities that they had experienced. As well, this person states that they were abducted by Reptilians. They wonder if they are going 'crazy.'

I received the following account:

"A little background: in 2010-2012 I was fresh out of high school and took part in a ghost-hunting team in the Houston, Texas area. During these experiments we did regarding supernatural entities there were about 4-5 instances where we encountered real unexplained phenomena. Two stick out to me.

1: The most striking was an investigation we did at a local urban legend, an isolated place in the middle of nowhere called "Screaming Sheila's Bridge" where several occult activities and murders had been reported. After two hours of nothing burger as we were leaving, a dark presence came upon the forested glen. My friend decided to taunt the spirit of the forest and without hesitation, a blood-curdling scream erupted causing all wildlife in the forest to "run for the hills" immediately; coyotes, rabbits, deer, insects, birds...the whole nine yards. My friend began walking slowly towards the scream in a trance-like state without speaking. My other friend and I rushed to grab him, and as we did another scream erupted. We hopped in the van, our electrical instruments going off the charts, and scurried away through 35 miles of uninhabited land, back to safety.

2: Using our electrical monitoring equipment in a church that had experienced aggression from a local satanic cult, and had found leftover Wiccan rituals in its attic, we set up shop in the creepy church next to a lake and began communicating with what claimed to be a reptilian entity. One recording device was left alone in tandem with a camera for two hours. When we retrieved the device we played it back and were shocked that five minutes into the recording flames could be heard. The flames continued to build for several minutes, seemingly growing. Checking the camera, we were astonished to see nothing. Not a whimper. Nor could we hear anything. After a few moments of flames on the recording, it turns into white noise for the remaining hour and forty minutes. Rising, and rising to the point where near the end the pain threshold is reached, it's so loud. Then it abruptly ends, coinciding with the part of the camera footage where we retrieved the device. Analyzing the white noise revealed that the entity was speaking through it, calling out all three of our names. That's all the language we could make out.

These experiences and many more shaped my perception of what is possible.

In November of 2014, I was abducted by what you know as the Greys and they forced me and four other young men to help kill an entire planet of humanoids, in Iron Man-like machines.

They claimed (telepathically as they do not need to speak) that I was there for a "special purpose" and that I was "family". They seemed to have an intense infatuation with me and I was not really scared of the experience although I woke up in sleep paralysis, not remembering who I was temporally; that part was quite horrifying.

In your opinion, am I going crazy? Has anyone else experienced these kinds of things?" L

NOTE: This account is a good example of an experiencer 'doubting' themselves. I constantly hear and read similar scenarios. What do you believe? Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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