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Sunday, March 03, 2024

PHOTOS: WINGED HUMANOID Account Submitted From Ropxyze, Poland

A Phantoms & Monsters Radio listener forwarded several photographs of an unknown winged being, or possible humanoid, recorded in Ropxyze, Poland. What do you think this is?

I received the following account from a Phantoms & Monsters Radio listener:

"Hello, Mr. Strickler. As I said in your show, I would like to share with you encounters with aliens and cryptids from my country, Argentina, Chile, and also Poland. I have been collecting cases from all around the world, and as I say, is good to share other little-known cases to expand our horizons

This one is a 2018 photo taken in Ropxyze, by the Polish investigator and author Arkadiusz Miazga, is a translation from his blog, which is in Polish, naturally.

Since 2015 I stopped photo registration in the area of Magnesits, where in addition to UFO observations from time to time I managed to photograph something unusual, several Photos in which strange anomalies appear I described in my book ''UFO over Podkarpacie.” I may be back this season for photo registration mainly at night because in these conditions I got the most valuable pictures.

There is a matter of observation on April 14, 2018, in Ropczyce, something that brings to mind a flying humanoid. That day at 19:24 just after sunset, entering the kitchen I looked into the kitchen. The window I have towards SW. My attention immediately caught the distinctive dark point moving above. It's a telecommunication mast. At first I thought it was a motorbike, because on Saturdays often In the afternoon, two enthusiasts of this sport, when I took a closer look at it I said it was something completely different. I quickly ran to the room on the SLR, I set the appropriate parameters, and made the most close-up 4 photos, after which I decided to take a better look at it with binoculars. Interestingly enough, I saw through the binoculars more clearly “something” -  writes something because it had the shape of a character, with the legs of a torso, and on top something like protrusions. It was interesting that This strange object was made of light–dark fog, it was not strictly a physical object but like a ‘cloud’ with such a shape that this one ‘smurka’ was clearly moving straight south, then rebounding to the right changing the direction, and after literally 20 seconds it disappeared like blown. I knew I was just witnessing something extraordinary.

With the color of the binoculars 7x35, I could exclude a drone, a moto-flying in 100%, or a cloud of this shape. The distance to the mast from my window is 1.5 km in a straight line, and the ‘year-old’ was at this distance and was moving south in the direction wherein 2011 twice the huge UFOs hanging above the road were observed. Thanks to the photos that I managed to take, you can notice an unusual shape ‘latadła’ which resembles a humanoid appearance (body, an outline of arms and legs). The whole event from the moment of noticing could last about 2 minutes. Someone might have made a mistake with a motor glider, a drone, or some inflatable toy. Of course, only that none of these things can suddenly disappear, and that's what I noticed In the binoculars, the moment when the 'latadła' changed direction.  Thanks to the fact that you can see quite exactly the mast telephone, on this basis, the indicative size of the ‘latadla’ can be determined, Which could have been compared to the visible barrier about 2 meters high if it was in the same, of course, The distance. I’m not sure it’s a ‘cosmic’ thing, but I know it’s It was something I've never seen in my life, something that brings a thought Mothman, or other flying weirdo.

I'd like to mention one more thing I never wrote about. Well, about 2004-2007, I received information from a certain internet radio that ran a broadcast about the unknown – unfortunately, I can not remember the name because the saved information was gone due to the hard drive failure. From what I remember according to the information a woman recorded on their phone resident of Ropczyce, who told me that she witnessed the observation of two winged characters who were supposed to be able to stand on the roof of a neighboring block at Street of Grunwald. He was quiet from about 3:00 a.m. to the incident. I'm sure the woman did not leave any bearings on myself so that I could take care of this case, so I give it as a curiosity, not a statement of fact. Of course, such a street actually exists in my city and two standing In front of each other buildings." O

Source: "Spotkania z Nieznanym" http://arekmiazga.blogspot.com/2018/05/tajemnicze-latado-czy-mothman-nad.html

NOTE: A 'latadla' is a Polish remote-controlled flying object or drone. Here is an earlier post from 2011 - Flying Humanoids: Poland - Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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