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Saturday, March 23, 2024

MISSING 411: Was the 'FUZZY MAN' Actually 'GLIMMER MAN?'

A boy, who disappears in a California State Park, is later found in good shape after being missing for 2 weeks. The boy says he was taken by the 'Fuzzy Man,' but was later released.

The following account was forwarded to me 3 years ago, and I did post it. But I now believe that it could have been a 'Glimmer Man':

"My friend, who has been with the search & rescue service in northern California for many years, has had a life full of strange encounters and occurrences. I mentioned to her that I was interested in hearing about any experiences she had with people completely disappearing. Her eyes light up, and she leans in close to me and says, 'Wanna hear a real doozy?'

She tells me about how, when she first started, there was a case that got a lot of attention in the media. A family had been out berry picking in an area of the forest very close to the entrance of the park. They had two little boys, both under the age of five, and at some point, during the day, one of them vanished. There's a massive search, and they find nothing. It's another of those cases where it's like the kid was never there in the first place. The dogs just sit down and don't pick up on anything, no trace of the kid is found.

The search goes on for about two months but is eventually called off. Fast forward to six months later. The family comes back to place flowers at a memorial that's been set up there for the kid. They bring their other son. While they're placing the flowers, they lose sight of the kid for about three seconds, and in that period he vanishes into thin air. Now obviously, the parents are beyond devastated. It's awful enough to lose one child, but to lose two is beyond imagining.

The search is huge, one of the largest in state history. About three hundred volunteers are combing every inch of this park, looking for the kid. But again, there's no trace of him. The search goes on for about a week, with people looking miles from the part of the park he vanished from.

And then, almost two weeks later, a volunteer almost fifteen miles from the designated search area radios in that he's found the kid. They assumed that the kid was dead, but the volunteer says he's not only alive, he's in good shape.

My friend's team went out to recover the kid, and when they got there, she couldn’t believe that this was the kid that's been missing. His clothes are clean, there's no dirt on him anywhere, and he doesn't appear traumatized. The volunteer says he found the kid sitting on a log, playing with a little twig bundle that's bound together with some old rope. She asks him where he's been, and who he was with for those two weeks, and the kid tells her that he's been with 'the fuzzy man.'

Now my friend firmly believes in Bigfoot, so she gets all excited and asks what he means by fuzzy. Was he hairy? But the kid says no, he wasn't hairy. He was a 'fuzzy man,' and he describes a blurry man, as 'like when you close your eyes but not all the way closed.' He says the man came out of the trees and took the kid with him deep into the woods. The kid says he slept in a hollow tree, and the fuzzy man gave him berries to eat. My friend asked if the man was mean, if he scared the kid, and the kid said 'No, he wasn't scary. but I didn't like how he didn't have eyes.'

My friend says they get the kid back to headquarters, and a cop takes him into town to talk to him more about what happened. She's friends with the cop who talked to him, and she said the kid described being kept in this tree by the fuzzy man and given berries whenever he was hungry. He was allowed to wander around a very specific clearing, but when he tried to go further, the fuzzy man would 'get mad and yell real loud even though he didn't have a mouth'. When the kid got scared at night, the fuzzy man 'made it get brighter' and gave him the twig bundle.

He said the fuzzy man was going to keep him, but he had to let him go because the kid wasn't 'the right kind.' He either can't or won't elaborate more on that. The cops are just sort of left scratching their heads, and the search for his brother is renewed with no results. The kid has no idea where his brother might be, and they never find him." SR


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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