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Friday, March 15, 2024

Local Cryptid Legend 'FOX MONKEY' Encountered & Reported in Upstate New York

A group of friends are driving near Cape Vincent, New York when they watch a cryptid creature, known locally as the 'Fox Monkey,' cross the road, and then stand on 2 legs!

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I lived and graduated from a very small town in upstate New York in a region known as the “Thousand Islands.” Anyway, we have far more open land or woods than people, if you look across the St. Lawrence River you can see Canada.

Now that you know the setting, when I moved there during my junior year of high school, I quickly learned the summer party spot was Wilson’s Bay Beach in Cape Vincent. With that beach came a lady who collected all our beer cans and eventually bought a truck with all the money she got from our cans over the years and the urban legend of what they called “Fox Monkey.” It was an animal that walked like a monkey but looked like a fox and had been seen/heard at the beach and its surrounding areas. I, as any sane person would be, was extremely skeptical when my loser high school boyfriend told me of this creature. He claimed to have heard weird things out at the beach at night and there was a homeless man out there for a short while who also said he heard it and saw some weird things out there at night.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in my early 20s driving around with my two best friends showing some guys we met from out of town around the area. This ride led us to the beach at night and then the surrounding area. We were all laughing and talking while on a back road driving away from the beach. All of a sudden we see that infamous glint of an animal's eyes on the side of the road getting ready to cross. If you live in a rural area you know how your automatic reaction is, slow down because you probably have at least one dent from a rogue deer on your car. I stopped to let it pass and something roughly the size of a small coyote that looked like a dog and wolf mix with dark and longer thick fur. We didn’t even think anything of it until it got to the side of the road and stopped for a second then stood up and walked away on two legs like a human.

None of us said anything for a minute and I said, "Uhhh, did anyone else see that?" All 4 of the other passengers looked shocked and all replied something along the lines of “Yeah, WTF was that?” Me and my two best friends and I talk about this to this day and we all recall it the same way, we call it 'fox monkey' because that’s the name we heard and the only way we could semi-accurately refer to it. We still have no idea what it was but all three of us agree it was one of the scarier and most disturbing experiences of our lives. The animal never threatened us but left all of us extremely frightened." W


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JERSEY DEVIL - WINGED LEGEND FROM HELL! | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #JerseyDevil

During an interview several years ago, I was asked for my opinion of the Jersey Devil and if I had received sighting reports related to the beast. Most of the reports I received were confidential, and I have received reports of other phenomena in the Pine Barrens of southeast New Jersey.

There is a stigma attached to the Jersey Devil. People are wary of reporting this creature. I'm not sure if the reluctance is because of the fear of ridicule or if the legend has some ominous bearing to it. Anyway, I will first offer a synopsis of the legend and then add a few reports that I have received from the area.

Please listen to the following accounts I have received from witnesses who believe that the Jersey Devil exists, and then decide for yourself. I hope that you enjoy the presentation.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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