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Monday, March 11, 2024


A series of events leads to an encounter with an unknown pale creature at the witness' home. Was it a 'crawler?' It's an interesting account with several questions.

I received the following account:

"This is an experience from the past and something that happened recently that scared the crap out of me. Sorry if some of what I write doesn’t make sense. My adrenaline was going through the roof, and my fight-or-flight instincts kicked in.

I live in a rural southwestern Louisiana backwater. For a few months now something weird has been hanging around and outside my house. The first time it became apparent was one night I was in the basement. Outside the window is a porch and there is a light switch for the lights by the door. I went upstairs for a bit when I realized later I left the lights on, so I went downstairs to turn them off. When I came down the porch lights were on. Now my father has tried endlessly to hook them to a timer with no success. I assumed that he had finally figured it out and paid the lights no mind. What I didn’t know was my dad had given up weeks ago and put in an average light switch.

The next morning I go down and see the lights are still on. I assume the timer didn’t work so I go to shut them off, and then discover to my shock it’s a switch. This caused me to panic a bit because that meant someone had been out there while the rest of my family was asleep last night and quite likely they could have been watching me.

A few weeks later I’m sitting downstairs on the couch. I’m home alone, it’s dead of night and my dog. Suddenly she perks up and looks to the window. Out of habit I look with her and see something hunched and white dropping down over our fence and run past the windows. Thanks to the dirty windows and the glare of the lights I couldn’t even hope to make out what I saw or how big it was but I panicked and called my buddies. They were skeptical and told me it was probably a raccoon and I ended up agreeing.

I went outside with my dogs, an older chocolate Lab, and my German puggle (German Shepard/Pug/Beagle mix) the one who had been with me. I went out trying to see what it was. Right away my dogs had two very different reactions. The Lab was pacing, sniffing, looking around, and being very anxious. The other was wagging her tail and looking at the trees the way she does when I have treats.

Suddenly from said trees I hear a loud groan. These are big strong old trees and they don’t groan, not unless something is on them. I ended up going inside cause my Puggle was moving between the trees with the same look while my Lab seemed to be getting increasingly anxious but now was staying away from the trees and just watching them. I wasn’t seeing anything. But all night I heard weird things. The worst was a loud slam. it was like a tree branch had fallen but there was nothing there. My Puggle kept going to windows and acting unhappy about being kept in. But the rest was like the sound of something on the roof, pebbles being thrown at the window, and the return of a woodpecker who should have been dead after my cats got the poor thing with a vengeance.

It's been a couple of months since that incident and I have mostly forgotten about it. Occasionally I'll hear something weird on the front porch or footsteps or the porch lights will get turned on mysteriously. But these are small things.

On a recent night, I was with my sister and Face Timing with a friend in the basement, when we heard a screeching sound. I run to the window in the next room where I believe I'll be able to see whatever it is from a safe distance. But I instead let out a scream and a flurry of curse words. Outside standing taller than me for sure (I'm 6 feet) was a gaunt white humanoid figure with its back turned to the window. When I got back to the window and looked back out it was nowhere to be seen. I at first thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. There was snow on the ground and I was dying for a rational explanation because it scared me. I was shaking. I told my sister and she laughed at me.

I went upstairs later that night and got everything ready for the night and locked up. When I went back up front I froze. I could see my cat, who seemed agitated, on the garage roof looking at something on my porch. That something was the same white figure with its back turned again except this time it was squatting and looking at my cat. It didn't seem confrontational itself. But then for God's sake, this sent me into tears. It turned its whole body (twisted) and it seemed to kind of straighten as it did. I can only think of a meerkat as an example. But it was so sudden I was sure I heard bones crack through the window. I never saw the face. As soon as it turned my flight or flight kicked in and ran into my room as fast as I could. The last thing I saw of it, as I slammed my door, was it on the railing as it leaped towards what I assume was the nearby tree.

I spent several hours in my room shaking and wheezing in a hysterical fit. I like paranormal stuff but it's hard when you are experiencing it. Now, that I calmed down enough to type I've been thinking about its actions (and back to the previous events). I'm trying to explain this to myself. I at first drew a comparison to the 'crawler humanoid' creature. But this thing seemed calm and relaxed most of the time. I don't know what I saw and it's freaking me out. JP

NOTE: I suspect that fear played into these events, but I have no doubt an unexplained entity was present. Possibly corporeal or manifesting energy? That is the real question. Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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