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Thursday, March 28, 2024

I Sense That I May Have Encountered a 'VAMPIRE'

An Eastern European witness contacted me after reading one of my posts. They wanted to know if I believe that they may have had an encounter with a vampire.

I received the following account:

"Hello, Mr. Strickler. I read a vampire-related article on your site and thought that I'd submit my strange encounter. I was with my friends at a party, everything was ok and boring for me because I cannot drink alcohol. I have stomach problems. Nevertheless, we had some fun, left the party early, and went to a friend's house to chill. After a couple of minutes, I heard some of his friends come in to join us. Several hours passed and I wanted to leave for home because it was getting very late. Some friends of his decided to take me home in the car and before we reached the car we saw several men out in front of the car, many of whom looked drunk but I wasn't expecting any kind of trouble.

As I walked past the car to get to the back seat, waiting for the owner to let me in, a man approached from that group and told him to get inside the house because he was needed by someone. It appeared to me the owner knew this guy because he did exactly that, without opening the car or telling me anything. I just stood there for a couple of seconds then decided to walk back in the house to see if he was still willing to take me home or if I should go on my own. (I had my driver's license suspended due to an accident a few years ago). I went into the house and said goodbye again to some friends while I was thinking of my journey home because the public transport at that hour didn't run (about 4:00 AM).

I live in Eastern Europe by the way. I don't know if in the USA the public transport system differs but at that same time a man who was outside apparently walked into the house with two more guys and it caught my attention. He had medium brown/darkish hair, slim with loose clothes, very common looking actually but that wasn't the thing that caught my attention. When he entered the house I just had a strong feeling coming from him that I cannot describe that well. He looked at me, he had dark-brown glassy eyes. I didn't say anything but then he started to move around, even the two guys that went with him and that's when I realized his movements were so unnatural or weird. It seemed like he was going backward, his arms were behind his body as he moved. The feeling I had was not fear though, like you would be scared of the unknown like ghosts, demons, the dark, a horror movie. etc. This was a feeling I had a few times when someone died or saw something very graphic and gore-related. I swear I could feel it in my brain. It was the same feeling I had when I watched someone years ago falling off the stairs with blood running from his ears. It was not fear but like the brain rewiring itself somehow.

He looked at me intensely which seemed at that time a very long period and I couldn't move. I now remember opening my mouth halfway and just staring back at him, eyes wide open and fixating my vision on him but didn't want to make contact with his eyes. Subconsciously, I think I told myself not to look for some reason. He never spoke a word and no one else engaged him. He went straight for the door after making these rounds inside the house and for a second he stood under the door entrance and turned his head again to look at me. He was pale white and in a way evoked the same feeling in me as before. He left. I tried to gather myself, trying to convince myself that there was nothing wrong. I left my friend's house for home.

I forgot about the whole thing while outside. It was freezing. I was walking in the snow, feeling sleepy and tired until I saw him again near a closed travel agency building. He was ahead of me leaning against the glass walls. He didn't seem to notice me but I knew then that it was him! I switched sides on the sidewalk to get some distance and with one eye looked over in his direction. He noticed me halfway and smiled. I couldn't see his face better because of the snow and distance but I noticed his mouth was deep red, almost bloody. I picked up the pace, worrying that he might follow, but he stood his ground. Shortly after I was out of range and on my way home.

I tend to smoke a lot, I had this irrational fear when I got home and lit up a cigarette with my window open that someone might come in. I was thinking of him specifically, though I live in an apartment on the fifteenth floor. Nothing happened of course and I went to sleep.

While writing this, I remember vividly the same feeling I had when I encountered this man and I can't shake it! Somehow I get a mental image and visualize this man as I did back then, somehow not human and yet human enough not to be afraid in a way I would be of the deep supernatural. I guess only one word came to my mind when I think of him, a sort of vampire though strangely enough, it's not from any book of fiction or myth I know of. I keep sensing him like that. I don't know why. I could tell myself that this was nothing out of the ordinary but the experience and the feelings I went through were anything but ordinary. I have to keep that in mind. I can't ignore them and subconsciously I give them credence. PH


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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