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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

GOD TELLS ME: 'Not Everyone You See Is Human'

A Georgia man 'hears' the voice of God telling him to drive to a location, stop his vehicle, and watch. What happens next is incredible, intriguing, yet frightening.

I following account was forwarded to me:

"A few years ago I experienced what I could only explain as a demon or fallen angel in the flesh. Living in Adel, Georgia at the time, I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries. The time was about 8-9 PM. After leaving Wal-Mart I hopped on the road back home. My house is maybe 7 minutes from Wal-Mart. On the way back, I would pass by multiple businesses, Walgreens being one of them. About 2-3 minutes before Walgreens, at a red light, I hear God speak to me. No, it's not an audible voice; He speaks to the conscience by the Spirit. No, it wasn't the first time. At this point in my life, I had become well acquainted with Father speaking to me and prompting me to inconvenient paths.

Father said, "Stop at Walgreens."

I asked, "Why?". I was really wanting to get home; it had been a rough day of fighting depression all day.

He said, "You'll see."

Reluctantly, I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot and waited. Street lights were on. It was mid to late summer so it was more dusk than night. There were maybe 4 or 5 cars there. I parked away from them but close to the front entrance. I was facing the windows on the left side of the main entrance. The entrance was to my right. No cars parked to my left or right.

I asked, "What do you want me to do? Should I get out?"

He replied, "No, just wait and watch. Turn your music off."

So, I'm sitting there, windows rolled up, getting this super uneasy feeling when a 90s-style black Toyota 4Runner pulls up to my left, windows down, playing what sounded like some sort of metal music. Both of us are facing toward the building.

God speaks again, but this time in a very serious tone, "Watch."

I observed two men get out of the vehicle. One was a young, white male, with black hair, 20s, couldn't be older than 30, about 6' 1-2", dressed in black slacks with a t-shirt and a black jacket, relatively clean. The other man was a much older white male, 40's, balding buzzcut, 5' 8-9", filthy, dressed in what I could only describe as tattered clothes, t-shirt, and jeans, something you would see a homeless man wear who had been homeless for a long time and had been wearing the same clothes for years.

When they both exited the vehicle, both men walked to the sidewalk. The young man walked toward the entrance, passing by the older man who was facing away from the entrance scouring the ground for what I could only guess was loose change. The only three options I could see for this couple to be together, were 1) They were related 2) They worked together 3) The young man was helping a homeless older man.

It seemed relatively normal until I realized that neither man spoke to the other from the time the music stopped up to the young man entering the building. Neither of the men looked at the other. When the younger passed directly by the older, it was as if he was staring right past him. The older man was searching the ground off the get-go never looking up.

Then my uneasiness really skyrocketed. The younger man goes inside Walgreens. Once the younger man finally enters the store, the older man starts looking around, almost like he is paranoid then back to the sidewalk. It reminded me of deer in a field, eating grass, popping up to search for predators then back to the grass. What's weirder is that he never looked directly at me. When he would look up and scan the area he would somehow look past me, never locking eyes. Then it got scary.

A little sparrow flies and lands right at the feet of this older man, angrily chirping at him. The older man looks at the little bird and gives it a look of disgust. The bird then flies up to the window sill, still chirping away. The window sill was about 6' off the ground maybe a little higher. Out of nowhere, this man snatches up the sparrow, lightly squeezing it. The sparrow is panic-chirping now. I have never seen anyone before or since move that fast. The man then proceeds to look over his catch and give what I could only describe as a look of blood lust. In my mind, I'm thinking this dude or whatever it is is about to eat this bird. I prayed.

The man gives the bird another scowl and a look of disgust and throws it behind him. The bird flies off. The man then looked around one more time to see if anyone saw him. Again, looking right past me as if I'm not there. He walks past the front of the vehicle and walks down the driver's side, the top of his head barely visible. He gets directly behind the back left tire, stops, and then squats/sits/kneels. I'm not 100% which; I couldn't see his legs. I waited for him to pop back up, but he didn't. I sit there for another 5-10 minutes, he doesn't reappear.

In that 5-10 minutes after he disappeared out of my view, I stared at that vehicle looking for a door to open, looking under the car for a shadow or movement to see if he had rolled under for some reason. I occasionally kept checking behind me and to the right of me to see if he had crawled past and popped back up. I checked every possibility, without getting out of my vehicle, of where this dude could be. He was gone. The only option was he was under my car. Father tells me to leave. My first thought was that the young man hadn't come back out yet. Father said it didn't matter, it was time to go. I backed out and drove directly behind the 4Runner; the dude was not there, and neither was he under my car.

I waited at the exit of Walgreens. The entrance and the black 4Runner are now to my left and behind me. I scoured the entire parking lot for this guy while I was waiting; he was gone. Then, to top it all off, the young man walked out of the store and got into his car, cranked it up, threw it in reverse, and backed up. The older man was not in his vehicle, under his vehicle, nowhere.

I asked God what I just saw, what just happened. His reply was simple, yet terrifying, "Not everyone you see is human. Be careful, and be ready because it's about to get much worse." G


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