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Thursday, March 07, 2024

Family Recalls SHAPESHIFTING NAHUAL Incident in Chiapas State, Mexico

A Mexican resident recalls an account that they heard about a Nahual, a supposed Mesoamerican shapeshifter whose nexus and existence are similar to Skinwalker manifestations.

I received the following account:

"My mom shared a strange and creepy experience she and her siblings and parents witnessed when she was younger at around 6 years of age. My mom is a very elegant, classy, prim, and proper woman who would not be the type of person to lie about this just to scare someone. Also, my aunts and uncles have verified this story individually.

My grandparents, mother, aunts, and uncles temporarily lived in a small village/town in the Chiapas State of Mexico with a population of about 1,000 people scattered throughout the hilly landscape. They lived at the bottom of one of the larger hills (cerro) which could take a couple of hours to hike to the very top. My grandparents were relatively poor, my grandfather making just enough to provide for their necessities by working at a sugar cane field, yet they lived in one of the nicer homes because of its proximity to the hill and an alleged witch house at the top of that hill. Locals stayed away from the house and rent was cheapest there out of all the other much simpler homes available.

My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mom had some paranormal experiences in that home. Most of these were attributed to the witch in typical Mexican folklore fashion. The skinwalker they witnessed, however, was what made them leave.

My mom says that one day she was inside at the entrance of the home with the door wide open playing with some toys. My aunts and uncles were in the same room behind her also playing and roughhousing while my grandfather was relaxing on a rocking chair in that room. She happened to look up right as a medium-sized black dog was walking along the road in front of the home. What spooked her was that this dog had two human breasts hanging from its chest that were connected to its skin as though it were a part of its body. She says the breasts were hairless which allowed her to see that they were indeed human breasts and not some sort of tumor/growth on the dog.

My mom says the dog instantly gave her very bad feelings and she started to cry. This caused the dog to stop in its tracks and look at my mom. My grandfather got up and headed towards the door, as did my aunts and uncles, to see what was happening. He instantly recognized what the creature was and pulled out a small revolver he always carried with him due to the long treks he made on foot to his job. He aimed the revolver and tried pulling the trigger but the gun kept jamming and would not fire. He tried it multiple times, each time checking and making sure the gun was in proper working order, but it simply would not fire. All the while the dog was just standing there watching. The dog eventually turned and started running down the road and into some overgrowth along the side of the road. After it disappeared from view my grandfather tried shooting his gun and it fired without a hitch. Although they were very limited financially, they moved out within a week after the encounter.

I wanted to include every detail that my family members provided me with to create the best possible picture of what happened. Unfortunately, both of my grandparents passed when I was really young so I cannot ask them about this event. I've never heard of a skinwalker partially changing/turning and found this quite interesting.

The family believed it was the witch who lived on top of the hill who apparently was also a skinwalker (nahual)." DL


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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